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Use these platforms to market your NFT games

Do you want your NFT games income to grow? Then, in order to get the most profits, you must join the correct crypto ad networks.

Ad networks like Google Ads are comparable to cryptocurrency ad networks. Only cryptocurrency-related initiatives are supported. Only blockchain-related websites and games, such as NFT games, are approved by the networks.

Decentralized apps with financial incentives are referred to as GameFi. Users are rewarded with tokens for actions like as winning battles or mining valuable materials. If you have a NFT game like pegaxy and want to attract the correct visitors to your project, you should use crypto ad networks and the right advertising methods to monetize your content.

We’ll inform you about the top ad networks for crypto NFT games in this article, but keep in mind that they’re listed alphabetically. To figure out which is ideal for your brand, you’ll need to perform some study.

Use these platforms to market your NFT games

The top cryptocurrency advertising networks


A-ADS was one of the first crypto ad networks to launch. It was founded in 2011 and has since established itself as one of the leading ad networks for NFT games applications. The network gives detailed information to assist you in determining the effectiveness of your app’s adverts. You’ll be able to see where the majority of your traffic comes from and adjust your ad materials accordingly.

Advertisers will like the network’s ease of use. Making a campaign is straightforward here since the whole procedure takes just a few minutes. Adjusting a campaign’s performance may be done in a variety of ways. Geo-targeting allows clients to appeal to consumers in specified places. CPA and CPM bids are available on the site, which takes bitcoin payments.

Ad Dragon

Ad Dragon is a brand new advertising network that debuted in 2019. The platform is built fully on Ethereum and seeks to deliver advertising options to companies who are interested in following the newest NFT games trends. Since its inception, Ad Dragon has seen significant development, owing to its creative advertising solutions for both publishers and advertisers. Ad Dragon offers a variety of tools for launching, managing, and tracking ad campaigns thanks to its decentralized nature.

The platform is recognized for delivering high-quality traffic to publishers in order to assist them optimize their ad income. Publishers retain 95 percent of the revenue collected, which is fairly generous. Ad Dragon has quickly established itself as a prominent platform for crypto NFT games as a result of its outstanding services.

Use these platforms to market your NFT games


Another great ad network for your NFT games is Adshares. The network is intended to drive high-quality traffic to ad assets placed on the platform and enables blockchain advertising. The network permits direct transactions between publishers and advertisers without the need of a third party in certain instances.

Adshares provides one-of-a-kind services such as low-cost, censorship-free advertising. Thanks to the ADS blockchain, it can also execute over one million transactions per second. The network can efficiently target overseas consumers, allowing marketers to expand the reach of their ads.


Ambire is a blockchain-based ad network that focuses on the issues that impact the effectiveness of ad campaigns. Ambire, formerly AdEx, aids in the reduction of fraud, the optimization of campaign costs, and the protection of user privacy. The network is the open-source digital ad protocol’s Ethereum implementation.

It has unique capabilities to assist marketers in efficiently marketing their items. For improved campaign planning, the network provides reliable information. Publishers may monetise 100% of their traffic with no commissions or fees.


Bitmedia.io is a website that allows you to share your work with the world.

Bitmedia.io is a specialized ad network that connects blockchain companies to the right crypto audience. The network, which began in 2015, now produces 1 billion monthly impressions. Advertisers may target their ads by device, geolocation, time, and frequency, among other things.

Bitmedia employs rigorous verification procedures to guarantee that advertisers get only genuine impressions. To guarantee that advertisers only pay for legitimate clicks, the network validates each seller, offers third-party control, and manually verifies clicks and impressions. The network accepts CPC and CPM advertising formats. With a minimum payment of 0.001 BTC, the site accepts Bitcoin as its supported currency.

Use these platforms to market your NFT games


CoinAd is a fantastic ad network that connects established marketers with cryptocurrency-based websites. The company’s key advantages and features include 100,000+ daily impressions, self-service operation, and different ad types.

The platform is designed for high-end publishers and advertisers, although it may also be utilized for low-cost advertising. Clients that utilize the platform may fine-tune their targeting by using filters based on certain times, geographic locations, and devices. The significant return on investment from CoinAd ads has piqued publishers’ curiosity.


In the crypto and blockchain ad sector, Cointraffic is a premium ad network. It was founded in 2014 with the goal of serving cryptocurrency marketers and publications. It provides a wide range of ad styles as well as conversion rate optimization options. Dedicated account managers who are accountable for the success of your campaign supervise all communication inside the platform.

Advertisers may choose between banners, native ads, and pop-under advertisements when running CPM campaigns with Cointraffic. The platform is simple to use and allows commissions to be paid out quickly. The ad network also has the benefit of being very selective in its advertising partners and cautious in its approval process. Bitcoin and fiat cash are accepted as the minimum withdrawal amount.


CoinZilla is a fantastic cryptocurrency advertising network that debuted in 2016. The network is part of the Adselvo sector and focuses on crypto market marketing by offering a full range of digital solutions. CoinZilla is able to give developing crypto projects with global exposure in order to help them flourish.

More than 200 businesses have been promoted by the network, and it hopes to attract even more marketers and publishers to help them monetize their online presence. The platform provides a variety of unique advertising alternatives not seen anywhere else, as well as professional account managers to assist customers with campaign setup.

CoinZilla accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and wire transfers for deposits and payments. €5000, 0.05 BTC, and 0.5 ETH are the minimum deposits.


CryptoAdsManager is a fantastic ad network that allows advertisers and publishers to market their blockchain, crypto, and NFT games initiatives in new ways. The network has its own collection of data that is tailored to the GameFi and crypto audiences. It has the ability to reach a large audience and draw high-quality visitors despite Google and Facebook’s prohibitions.

Because of its integrated targeting methods and remarketing capabilities, CryptoAdsManager has established itself as the leading cryptocurrency advertising network. The site is simple to use and requires no money to join. Bank deposit, PayPal, and checks are all acceptable payment options.