Top 10 Reasons To Get Fitted For Your New Golf Club

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Top 10 Reasons To Get Fitted For Your New Golf Club

Let me start this article by asking you this honest question? And I’ll be glad if you provide a direct answer to it. How do you feel when you golf pros playing the game as if they have been training since the time they were in the womb? Fascinating? Yes. I also agree with you. 

In reality, you might feel confusing seeing a pro golfer playing the game, having more control over the club and the ball. Don’t be intimidated; you can also get there. 

Most times, young golfers develop interest after seeing an excellent performance from a veteran golfer either on TV or live on the golf course. Though that might not be your reason for joining a a golf club. I bet you would also like to reach that height where you dictate what the golf ball does. 

When you see Tiger Woods, Rory Mcllroy, and the likes, you will notice something to their game aside from the constant training and experience. There’s a way they use their golf clubs to command the ball. So what’s the secret behind top performance on the golf course? Let’s get to it!

When pro golfers hold their golf clubs, they perform magic. Are they using talisman? No! So, what? They are fitted for their clubs!

Does that sound familiar?

Maybe not. But, it’s a hidden truth that has turned several golfers into an authority in the game. If you also want to become an expert in the game, you need to get fitted for your golf clubs. Getting fit for your club has a significant impact on your overall performance, either during training or the actual game. 

You need to align with this simple truth; golf pros don’t just pick any golf club on the rack and advance to the golf course. Instead, they have a specially fitted golf club that goes with them on and off the course. 

Why should you also get fitted for your golf club? Here are a few reasons.

1. Your hands will be straighter with your irons. 

No doubt, when you get fitted for your golf clubs, your hand is as straight as a ruler. That’s incredible; I couldn’t agree less. After the lie board test, your fit expert working with you would identify every directional issue, you may have with your irons and hybrid. After that, it will become easier for you to hit your irons straighter and more accurately.

2. You will experience improved distance control.

Have you seen golfers having total control over their golf clubs that shoot distance without apply much force? That’s what we are saying. One thing is sure when you get fitted for your club, hitting a more extended length will become easier.

The person fitting you will critically check your lofts and gap them consistently. That way, you will gain more control over distance. Having accurately gapped lofts will enable you to hit each iron at a consistent length. 

For instance, after getting fit, you can hit two different golf clubs at the same distance because of your lofts.

3. Your swing gets better.

One of the benefits you get from getting fitted for your golf club is that you will have the capacity to drive your golf ball longer and straighter. 

When you see golfers hitting a straight shot to a longer distance, it’s not magic; they are fitted for their clubs. You can also complement how you swing your driver by getting a perfect head and club shaft combination. 

4. Your wedge game will get better.

I don’t mean to downplay your capacity. But, it’s a fact that you might not get the best of your wedges until you get fitted for your club. Getting fit for your golf club will enable you to check the loft on the wedges to ensure that the loft gaps are regular. 

Meanwhile, you need to note this fact. When you dare to get the bounce of your already straight wedges fitted for your golf environment, your game improves. Now, that’s fascinating. Yes, Indeed.

Also, it is better that you suit your golf club for courses with fine sand if you have more bounce. At the same time, less bounce is suitable for hard sand.

5. It will help you to ensure that your putter’s length and loft match your swing. It will also enable you to improve your distance control and accuracy.  Hence, it’s fair enough to say that getting fitted for your new golf club improves your standard of play. 

6. You should also get fitted for your golf club because it makes you feel better while you are playing. Playing with comfort is not negotiable. Whether you are a professional golfer or only play for leisure, you will appreciate playing with ease. When you get fitter for your club, you won’t have to hesitate to choke up or down on your golf club whenever necessary. 

7. Having a modern golf club that fits your swing will benefit your game. Especially in this contemporary golf age, where there is an evolution of new golf clubs every year, you should expect a change.

8. Getting fitted for your club will save you some money. How? You wouldn’t have to spend unnecessarily buying new golf clubs from top-ranked brands at random. Instead, you will only buy what is right for you.

9. You learn new things during the fitting. 

In the process of getting fitted for your golf club, you will learn how your club specifications can influence ball flight. You will also learn how the adjustments in the specifications help to improve your game. More so, it will help you to finally determine what kind of golf club works best to suit your game.

10. The last and the critical reason to get fitted for your golf club is that it will make you a better player.

On a final note

It costs a little to get fitted for your golf club. You can contact any pro shop around you and talk to the golf pros to schedule a visit to get done for your club. You can also check the internet to locate the nearest fitting shop. It’s an excellent way to improve your game and rank among the pros.