The value of these NFT games can be converted into real-world money

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The value of these NFT games can be converted into real-world money

Unlike conventional online gaming, blockchain allows users to make real money while doing what they like. You may earn crypto prizes by playing NFT games. You may also gain digital things having in-game value, such as those linked with characters, clothes, and virtual properties, by playing the game.

Because the value of these digital assets can be transformed into real money, gaming is becoming even more lucrative. Crypto — and NFTs in particular — hit all-time highs as we approached 2021, courtesy to a slew of new titles.

Play to earn nft games (P2E) have exploded in popularity in the blockchain gaming industry, so why not delve into their realm and learn more about them?

We’ll go through some of the most popular play to earn NFT games presently available, as well as some of the most anticipated titles, in the list below. Whether you’re new to blockchain NFT games or seeking for a new universe to explore, this guide may help you choose the best play to earn game.

Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity is a Nintendo eShop game that allows users to engage with one other via virtual pets, grow their own characters and digital goods, and accomplish daily objectives. Axies are virtual monster-like creatures created on the Ethereum blockchain by gamers. Different Axies may be explored, battled, and bred to produce new ones. When users engage with Axie, they are given AXS tokens, the platform’s money, which may be exchanged to fiat currency or spent to improve the traits of their pets. The farther you go in Axie Infinity, the better your possibilities of making money get. To join in this play-to-earn game, you must first obtain AXS tokens.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is one of the greatest play to earn NFT games, having been launched as a mobile game in 2012. In late 2021, Animoca Brands purchased it and relaunched it as an NFT-powered metaverse game. The digital environment of the game allows users to own, construct, and market their creations. Because of the increased interest in metaverse real estate, sandbox has gained in popularity. The most expensive digital parcel of land in this NFT game was just sold for $4.3 million, according to reports. Play to earn crypto NFT games like this one will continue to gain popularity as more companies open their doors in the virtual world. The in-game currency used for transactions is SAND. This and other free-to-play NFT games are popular because they allow users to purchase digital land, develop NFT products, and sell them.

Gods Unchained 

If you’re seeking for the finest free crypto NFT games, you can’t go wrong with Gods Unchained. This is an NFT card trading game that emphasizes strategic thinking and skill-based trade. Players may fight other players in fights, and playing the game gets you cards. The cards in Gods Unchained are all NFTs, meaning that players own them and may trade them on the secondary market. You may transform your play into cash by creating your ideal deck and then trading cards for bitcoin. On the huge NFT games marketplace in Gods Unchained, you may buy and sell play to earn gaming cards. The worth of the cards may be assessed by measures linked to health and attacking capabilities, in addition to the tribe and god.

The value of these NFT games can be converted into real-world money

DeFi Kingdoms

In DeFi Kingdoms, heroes play an important role. They are NFTs with various vocations who utilize their occupations to obtain resources, engage in missions, and fight. If you want to buy new Heroes, go to the Tavern. Alternatively, if you don’t have enough JEWEL, you may buy a Hero with the assets you already have by investing them in the Jeweler or the Gardens (liquidity pooling) to make more JEWEL. Only the marketplace may be used to acquire JEWEL. In DeFi Kingdoms, there are many ways to make money and play, and it would be enjoyable to explore them all.


Splitterlands is a collectable card trading game where players earn cryptocurrency by accomplishing in-game accomplishments including winning skill-based matches in player-versus-player game types. In this game, players may trade and sell NFT-based digital cards. Splinterlands is a game that combines auto-battle with deck-building. It’s fast-paced, entertaining, and influenced by both Pokemon and Magic. Splinterlands is unlike any other trading card game in which players compete against one another since fights are just a few minutes long. How long you want to play is entirely up to you.

Arena Thetan

Players may gain points by engaging in competitions, activities, and events in this game. Anyone may play this multiplayer online war arena game. In the game, NFTs are employed to grant players power over certain things and characters. A free-to-play option is also included in the game. THC and THG are the two tokens available. Thetan Coins are earned during the game and may be used on NFTs. Thetan Gem is mostly a governance token, although it may also be used to enhance characters. Cosmetics, hero staking, pets, and a Hero-fusing system are all being developed by the project team. Players may choose from a variety of game types, including arena and adventure variants.

The value of these NFT games can be converted into real-world money


CryptoBlades is a blockchain-based NFT game in which players control fictitious characters in a fantasy realm. Given its growing popularity, it’s no surprise that CryptoBlades is the most popular game on the Binance Smart Chain. Fighting against other players in CryptoBlades allows you to win in-platform tokens (SKILL). The game itself is rather simple, and players should have no problem progressing through the various stages and killing adversaries. Players may create characters and gather NFT games assets, as well as other goods that can be exchanged in the marketplace.

Sorare – Fantasy Football

Players may use digital cards to manage a fantasy football club and purchase, sell, trade, and buy players using Sorare. Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort designed the game in 2018 using the Ethereum blockchain. Through this NFT-based platform, gamers may acquire official license cards depicting real-life players and establish teams to compete against one another. It’s critical to remember that players’ real-world performance has an influence on your team’s performance. Sorare is a trading card game that functions similarly to soccer in that it provides players with a marketplace where they can buy, sell, and trade their NFT cards. Tournaments also provide the opportunity to win important cards (players).