Green Natural Parenting

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Green Natural Parenting

Green Natural Parenting: – “is a sign of greater awareness for our earth, our health, and the responsibility we ALL share!”.

Parents are choosing to give their children a head start with all-natural products and concepts. They have fully adopted the phrase “reduce, reuse, & recycle” and taken it completely to heart.

This is a great movie, not just for the world today, but also exciting for all our children’s futures Games. View How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint on Howcast

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint on HowcastThis is although a well-informed route, not completely without its pitfalls, as we navigate ourselves around this not so natural world as we endeavor to heal our ill’s WITHOUT the use of the very latest pharma drugs!.

As our society develops at an ever-increasing speed we get further & further away from the natural world and I believe this is not only to our own detriment & that of our children but also to the detriment of our beloved planet.

Cloth Diapers v’s Disposable Nappies

The Facts:

* A baby /infant goes through between 7,000 and 8,000 diaper changes before entering potty training.

* Estimates are that 450 billion disposable diapers are used each year.

* They contribute nearly 77 million tons of waste to landfills.

* Nearly 3% of ALL global landfills are made up of disposable nappies.

* Every single disposable nappy uses one cup of crude oil in its construction.

* A disposable nappy takes approximately 500 years to fully degrade.

Despite all the facts that disposable nappies are so bad for the environment, there are two MAJOR contributing factors:

1/ in areas of low water availability/drought, choosing disposable nappies would make more sense!.

2/ in areas where landfills are busting at the seams, choosing the green Cloth Diaper option would make more sense.”

Therefore the overall “total environmental impact” of choosing between green cloth diapers or disposable nappies is a tie, don’t sweat over this one, just enjoy your babies growing up, whichever route you follow.

The other thing that could bring about instant improvements to the current situation is by the use of “Elimination Communication” which is just another term for the early potty training of babies, which if adopted successfully is of considerable benefit to both the local availability of both water & landfill!!.

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