Compost Pile

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Compost Pile

Compost Pile Definition: Composting is the purposeful biodegradation of organic matter, such as yard and food waste. The decomposition is performed by micro-organisms, mostly bacteria, but also yeasts and fungi.[1] In low-temperature phases, a number of micro-organisms, such as springtails, ants, nematodes, isopods, and earthworms also contribute to the process, as well as soldier fly, fruit flies, and fungus gnats. There is a wide range of organisms in the decomposer community. [2]Taken from

Importance Of Composting

1. Makes kitchen and yard waste into ground humus-like matter that restores nutrients to the soil. Which is paramount to plant nutrition.

2. Reduces the amount of green waste going into landfills.

3. Helps your Eco-Friendly Garden garden grow to its potential.

All About Composting……..

1. Why Compost – The importance of using our kitchen and yard scraps to make nutrient-rich soil.

2. How To Compost – Wonder where to start? Information on how to compost and what you can compost.

3. What Can I Compost – If you have ever wondered about what to place in your compost pile this article is for you. Everything from wood to pet droppings will do the trick.

4. Compost leaves – The natural process of leaf decomposition can be of value to your garden. Learn how to make the best compost out of your leaves.

5. Compost Pails – Buy yourself a cheap compost pail that you can use in the kitchen before transferring to your garden compost bin or pile.

6. Compost Bin Designs – Check out the various compost bin designs available.