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living healthy life with NFT Games

Blockchain: the Uniqueness of NFT Games

In the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain games using non-fungible tokens have become an immense opportunity to earn while you play games. As the name sounds, blockchain games use blockchain technology for video games and also allow them to trade with their bitcoin values to make more income.  NFT games free to play earn the power…
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Axie Infinity: Cryptocurrency Trading on NFT Games

Following the COVID-19 attack in the previous year, many game lovers spent more time on their game consoles. But that did not just serve entertainment purposes. It actually did cause some people to earn more income from their homes. Engaging in play-to-earn games gives people the financial lifeline they need to keep up after the…
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Benefits of allowing your children to play NFT games

Nowadays, children are fun playing games. They all love to play games anytime they are less busy at their formative stage. If you allow your children to play NFT games, some benefits are attached. Apart from the fact that there are in-game rewards when playing NFT games, some benefits can help your children.  Recently, we…
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Anticipated Titles among NFT Games in the Philippines

The adventure of the play-to-earn NFT games is worth mentioning again to those who plan to get the extra income. Moreover, Game players enjoy the pleasure of the various games in the NFT collection. Also, they can earn reasonable income in the form of precious cryptocurrencies such as ETH.  Furthermore, the players can also generate…
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