Anticipated Titles among NFT Games in the Philippines

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Anticipated Titles among NFT Games in the Philippines

The adventure of the play-to-earn NFT games is worth mentioning again to those who plan to get the extra income. Moreover, Game players enjoy the pleasure of the various games in the NFT collection. Also, they can earn reasonable income in the form of precious cryptocurrencies such as ETH. 

Furthermore, the players can also generate enough cash from their favorite game titles. Also, as the player wins quests and battles, they can continue to make significant income by spending more time on it. Some countries that have shown tremendous interest are the Philippines, Venezuela, and Brazil. 

Moreover, the NFT games available in the Philippines developers have already started turning out. Combining games with bitcoin finance is often referred to as GameFi. It has been growing in popularity among these developing countries. 

We can provide a long list of titles of play-to-earn NFT games according to their popularity and the potential earnings they hold. But here is our recommended list of titles, you can have a great post about Cryptocurrency Trading on NFT Games at

Axie Infinity

Not surprising to find the Axie Infinity on top of this list because it is the most popular play-to-earn game you have ever known. This game is more like a Pokemon game that involves collectibles from defeating the digital creatures of the game known as Axies. Moreover, each Axie has peculiar characteristics that are often a factor of the generic digital code.

Meanwhile, this game aims to breed some rare Axies that will become successful fighters and conquer the other axis teams within the galaxies. As the game proceeds, every victory from the player means an acquisition of an SLP or an AXS token. These acquired items can be traded with other players or outside of the game on marketplaces. Moreover, the in-game tokens can also be exchanged with cryptocurrencies or spent within the game. 

Star Atlas

Star Atlas game is based on the Solana game, a very ambitious title choice in an NFT game world. This game is about an MMO built on top of a range of tech devices. It provides a fantastic experience with incredible graphics. Also, it is set in a futuristic theme where there is a universe with three different factions battling for supremacy among them.

In the end, the prize at stake is the control of the fabled planet-sized diamond that is up for grabs. Moreover, the NFT game pitches the space exploration strategy with role-playing as we have gamers fly around the stars and other objects of the galaxy. In addition, apart from the revenue that the players generate, it is also time to forge alliances and win combats when they arise. 


Another intriguing title that we must recommend to you is CryptoBots, whose name already carries the foundation level structure. This game was inspired by CryptoKitties, which was arguably the first big project for designing NFT games. Meanwhile, the original CryptoBots were produced in 2017 when blockchain-based NFT games grew. Click here to learn more about cryptoBots.

The developer also announced new plans to create a full-fledged NFT game. Like the Axie Infinity, the CryptoBots also offer both PVE and PVP to the players who complete the given tasks in the form of in-game tokens. On the other hand, the player also gets the reward when winning any battle against the other players. 


The Splinterlands is an NFT game of digital cards containing more than 300 cards organized according to the different factions or splinters we conceive. For instance, some of the classic fragments include the natural elements of Water, Life, Earth, Dragon, Fire, Death, and Neutral. At times each player with different statistics may get rewarded differently based on their statistics.

Meanwhile, this reward is also a factor in their built ability over time while various gameplay forms are played. The gameplay includes quests and ranked play, including participating in tournaments. Players can also convert different cryptos into an in-game currency and vice versa. It may also have Dark Energy that can buy NFT from the marketplace. On the other hand, players can rent cards to increase their earnings. You can learn some more info about NFT Games at


Illuvium is a gradually developing crypto game, which may remain in process before its projected release in 2022. However, this NFT game holds several potential benefits to players who are willing to explore their chances. The game is already an essential title among the play-to-earn NFT games with stunning titles. 

The game involves a decentralized RPG involving creations called ‘Illuvials’ found in a complex but detailed world. The player’s task is to explore the entire territory and capture illuvial, train them, and set them against each other in combat. One distinct feature is that it imbibes the ETH as the in0game currency rather than creating its own token.

Meanwhile, the game also combines the richness of the game’s designed environment with the openness of using different strategies to win. The more a player wins, the more rewards he gathers from the game and the better chances to do more. Besides, this game has the real buzz you can expect from such an adventure even while earning direct ETH. 


On a final note, the adventure of playing NFT games in the Philippines includes the purchase of the game tokens for a start. And when the player masters the art, it takes no time before he begins to rake in passive income from the game. At the same time, the people from emerging markets such as the Philippines, Brazil, and Venezuela can all go before profit-making investors. 

On the other hand, one of the fastest-growing NFT gaming guilds that exist today includes Crypto Gaming United (CGU). And it comprises over 5500 scholars who earn real cryptocurrency rewards whenever they successfully complete a task on any of these NFT games. In addition, they can turn these rewards into flat money-making scholarships to finance their education.