What is Energy Efficiency?

What is energy efficiency? Reducing energy demand requirements without reducing the end benefits. As an example it is possible to reduce your home lighting energy use by 95%! but still receive the same light output using LED’s.

But energy efficiency also can include passive energy efficiency, so when you insulate your home well you can heat your home to the same standard or comfort level but use substantially less energy.

To stop or at least slow down climate change one of the main changes we can all make is to always think of energy efficiency. So for example when we purchase a new car, demand better efficiency every time, this forces car makers to concentrate their efforts on building the most fuel efficient cars.

If we think of energy efficiency in all aspects of our lives, not only will we save money in fuel bills but the air will be cleaner to breathe. High efficiency gas water heaters use less fossil fuel, therefore creating less pollution but still providing the same amount of heat output.

Remember also that when we build a new home we are most likely creating a building that is going to be used for 50+ years, so why not make it the very best efficiency we can. By insulating our homes well, using good quality appliances that will last a long time, this will ensure we create great energy efficient homes that will last for generations.

what is Energy Efficiencywhat is Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient Products

Next time you need a new home appliance try choosing one that matches or beats our list of energy efficient products.

LED Christmas Tree Lights

This holiday period make sure to buy energy efficient LED lights for your garden or Christmas Tree, these last for upto 100,000 hours and use 95% less energy.

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