What Can I Compost ?

What Can I Compost?:

Perhaps you are new to gardening and you have heard talk about compost. If you aren’t sure What to Compost, the answer is you can compost anything that used to be alive, animal or vegetable. Some things do make better compost than others, and some things can give you trouble that you might not have thought of before.

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My first experience with compost came at my grand parent’s house when I was very young. They had a large bowl they would fill with uneaten portions of food, and food casings such as eggshells and banana peels. When the bowl became filled, grandpa would take it to an empty 55 gallon oil drum he had in his back yard, dump it, and put a lid over it. When spring came, he would empty the drum into where he wanted his garden. By this time, the contents of the drum looked like wet dirt.

There is a problem with composting uneaten food. If you don’t have a place to put it that can’t be sealed, don’t do it. The stench can get pretty bad, and you will have an abundance of flies on your land. It will also attract rodents. A few raccoons might be okay, but rats and mice carry fleas that can transmit diseases to humans. If you want to re-cycle your old food intocompost you need to use a Compost Pail, these are really good & allow you to also turn the contents without getting your hands dirty!.So what can I compost?


Another thing he would do would be to rake leaves, put them where his garden was going to be, and then burn them. I remember dinner at my grand parent’s house would always have huge great tasting green beans, succulent tomatoes, and fried zucchini. There are many ways to Compost Leaves.


Leaves make excellent compost, and they don’t have to be burned. Wet, decaying leaves fill the soil with nutrients that will help your garden grow. Old newspaper is also something that decays pretty rapidly, but I would stay away from the magazines. They decay at about the same rate, but the colored ink that is used for the pictures is not good for your soil.

Old Wood

Old wood can be used for compost, but it decays at a very slow rate. The ashes from burned wood make for good compost. In the years before electric furnaces, people often dumped the ashes from the fireplace into the garden.

If you live in a town where burning wood is against a local ordinance, you can still use it for compost if you grind it up into dust.

This is different than mulch. Mulch is good to put around your plants to keep the weeds down, but for faster decay sawdust is the best.


A neighbor of ours who worked in a sewage treatment plant would bring home sludge to fill in his garden. The stench was horrendous, but it worked. He had one of the best gardens in town.

I know that people who work at a sewage plant are only a small number of the population, but a good many of us have pets. Pet droppings believe it or not make great compost!.

When animals and vegetables die, they decay into the ground and provide nutrients for vegetation that is eaten by animals. It is part of the circle of life, and starting a compost pile is a good way to remember this.

If you ever find yourself asking the question, “What can I compost,” take a look at a list that someone has compiled over the years of 163 things You Can Compost. It is worth checking out if you are serious about composting.

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