What A Wonderful World – Recipe Book Offer

by Tim Tentcher (USA)

“Prepare Your Tastebuds For A Culinary Sensation!”

How we consume effects those closest to us and our global village!.”What a Wonderful World”, one of the great Vegetarian Cookbooks priced at just $29 Shipping included + ADDED BONUS $5.00 from the sale of each book will go to your charity of your choice…speak your voice to make a Wonderful world! The cookbook “What a Wonderful World” is a delightful gluten free vegetarian taste of the flavors of humanity & outlines the way food has formed our experience collectively.The recipes are all easy to make, fast and every ingredient can be found at your local grocer / supermarket or local market. Why not grab your copy of the “What a Wonderful World” vegetarian cookbook today?, & keep the spice in your life! Tim Tentcher CEO Crossing Cultures Cuisine


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