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How to Recycle Tires:

Tire Recycle – The first time I had ever had any experience with someone who liked to recycle used tires was about twenty years ago. A farmer I had done some work for collected used tires and burnt them in his wood burning stove.

In the winter, there was always a thick cloud of very black smoke coming from his chimney. I don’t recommend recycling your used tires in this way. I don’t think it’s legal, and all that black smoke can’t be good for the environment.

tire recycle;recycle tires

Have you always thought about building your own green home away from the city, well what about building an Earthship using old tires (as pictured above), not only are you doing something useful with unwanted tires but you are building a sustainable home that is very well insulated from the elements.

There are other ways you can take care of tire disposal and tire recycle. A neighbor of mine has some tires in his yard that he uses for flower pots. Just take a tire, fill it with dirt and plant your flowers. The tires will keep you from having an unfortunate accident with your lawn mower, and your flowers will be safe.

Another way to recycle used tires is to use them to grow potatoes. Put the seed potatoes inside the used tire, and throw dirt over top of it. When the potato plants sprout up, place another tire on the top of the one with dirt on it, and fill it with dirt. Repeat this process two more time during the growing season, and when the time is right remove the tires and dig out your potatoes.

Used tires can be a problem. Many landfills won’t take them because tires have a large volume of dead space that can fill with gas, which can cause the tires to rise to the surface. Uncovered tires that sit on your property can fill with water and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

But suppose you have a stockpile of tires and you don’t like the idea of using them as flower pots and gardening just isn’t your thing. What is the best method for tire disposal and recycle? The method I have always used is to give the tire to the tire shop whenever I have a tire replaced. IT usually only costs a couple of bucks extra, and the tire dealers have access to the tire companies who can retread them. Used tires are sometimes used as road pavement as well.

There are other creative things to do with old tires. The following are some videos I found. Some may interest you, and some may just make you giggle.

Tire Recycling 101 – What Happens to Our Tires ?

Make Sandals out of an Old Tire

Turning Old Tires into Crumb Rubber

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