Tips On Making Compost The Easy Way

by Richard Adams (

Compost is great stuff to have around, particularly if you’re a serious gardener. Adding compost to your soil is sure to make your plants grow bigger and healthier, as it provides them with additional nutrients that they would otherwise not be able to get from the soil. While you can buy commercially-produced compost, a more eco friendly alternative that could save you some money and help reduce the amount of garbage you throw away is to create your own compost using kitchen waste. And it can be a relatively simple process, depending on how involved you would like to be and how soon you want your compost. Here are some tips on making compost the easy way.If you have a big backyard, you can start composting simply by creating a compost pile by enclosing a certain area using chicken wire or other fencing material. The pile should be made of layers of kitchen waste such as vegetables and fruit peelings and eggshells and green waste from your garden such as grass clippings and leaves. Putting a layer of kitchen waste, followed by one of green waste, etc., helps ensure that the compost pile reaches the correct temperature and decomposes efficiently. But you should avoid putting in scrap meat into your compost pile as it creates a bad odor while it decomposes. You will also have to turn your compost pile occasionally to ensure that it decomposes efficiently, and add a little water to keep it moist.If you don’t have enough space in your yard you can do your composting in a compost bin. You can buy these commercially or you can use existing containers such as a garbage can. What’s important is that the container encloses the compost so that pests can’t get at it and it has a lid so you can close it and contain the smells that can come from heavy compost piles.If you live in an apartment or other urban residence where space is at a premium, then you can compost using a compost tumbler. These containers are essentially compost bins that allow you to turn them using a crank on the outside, making this chore easy while ensuring that your compost is properly mixed.


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