Solar Powered Roof Vents

Solar Powered Roof Vents – keep your roof cavity cooler and save on air-conditioning costs. The great benefit to using a solar roof vent rather than a standard wind turbine roof vent is that it pretty much works year round during daylight hours, venting hot air in summer.

If you use your roof space for heating your home during the cooler months of the year, for example using a HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) system, then you would want some easy way of turning the solar roof vent off in those months. Some solar vents on the market have a thermostat included that will only come on once a certain temperature is reached.

solar powered roof vents

What are the benefits of a solar roof vent?

- your attic / roof space temperature can be lowered by as much as 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 Celsius)

- the solar panel will still work even on cloudy days, just at a lower output

- removes moisture build up from your roof space

- lowers air-conditioning costs due to less radiant heat entering your home

- easy to install with no wiring needed

- no ongoing costs to run, once your solar roof vent is installed just enjoy the benefits

Here are some of the products we have found that are available straight off the shelf which you can either install yourself or have installed for you.

Attic Breeze® solar attic fans provide a cost effective solution to this problem by continuously removing heat and moisture build up throughout the day. Increasing air changes through the attic, our solar attic fans will reduce attic temperatures within 5-15°F of ambient temperature, minimizing heat transfer into your home. Best of all, Attic Breeze® products operate at absolutely no cost, economically cooling your attic using only the power of the sun.

Solar Dynamics has been manufacturing products that have proven to help in reducing utility costs. Originally developed for the extreme climates of Hawaii. this revolutionary building product has now been installed in over 40,000 homes worldwide.

Installation can be relatively easy depending on factors such as: do you have a double storey home, can you easily remove the roof tiles or other roofing material. Normally you won’t need to run any wiring to power your roof vent unless you have some backup power source so the vent runs at night. This can be useful if you live in a particularly hot region, as the roof vent will work best in the cool of the night. Once again if you use a HRV system, the more cool air you can get into your roof space then the quicker and more efficiently the HRV system will work.

There are a number of solar powered roof vents products on which are generally cheaper, just make sure to do you homework and check past feedback for products the seller has sold. You want good quality parts that are going to last for 10 or 20 years at least, such as a brushless motor with sealed ball bearings on the fan, after all the fan is going to be running pretty much continuously during daylight hours.

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