Solar Powered Garden Fountains

Solar Powered Garden Fountains:

Have you thought about having a garden fountain before but been put off by running wires to your household power supply, especially if the distance to where you would like to place your fountain is considerable.

There are an amazing number of solar powered garden fountains available now, that require no wiring, and run total off sunlight alone.

Birds will love drinking and playing in these beautiful water features that require no ongoing power to run.

There is two options available:

1. Buy a ready to go solar power water fountain, these start for as little as $50 upto hundreds of dollars for larger units.

2. Buy a solar pump kit and install your own fountain in a home built pond, stream or fountain. This can be a great way to go if you have time to spend designing and putting together the garden water feature. If you are building a bigger pond or stream system then it’s definately worth spending a bit more on a good quality pump, that will last for years and years. As a side note the pump I’m using for my home water tank is a Grundfos and we have used this for 10 years for all our inside and outside water needs, including 4 people showering everyday (well almost every day!).

solar powered garden fountain

Everyday garden fountains are powered by electricity. Most electric power plants are powered by burning coal. Coal is the remains of animals and plants that lived millions of years ago. Plants absorb energy from the sun, and when we burn coal, we are harnessing this stored power. Solar power is able to eliminate the middle man so to speak, and use the power of the sun that is coming to us right now.

Check this funky video out about Solar and Fountains, its short and sweet!.

How Do Solar Powered Garden Fountains Work ?

How it works is very simple. The garden fountain is attached to a control panel that contains solar cells, and a battery (optional). During the day, the solar cells receive energy from the sun, and that energy is used to charge the battery which runs the pump both during the day or after dark. If you don’t require the pump to run during the evening then you can do without the battery pack.

Some of you might be wondering, “what if it’s an overcast day?” It’s really not much of a problem. Even on overcast days, we still receive energy from the sun. (If we didn’t, it would be pitch black outside on overcast days.) On cloudy days, the fountain will still receive the sun’s energy to power the fountain for 4 to 6 hours, but the flow will be less unless it’s a particularly sunny day. If you live in a area that freezes during winter then it is probably better to disconnect the pump at that time of year, otherwise you may damage your pump.

You might be thinking “but I can’t afford solar technology!” Don’t fret solar powered garden fountains cost from as little as 50 dollars, so they aren’t going to break the bank!

Some benefits of Solar Garden Fountains?

- Very easy to install, no cables to run

- Will attract birds to your garden (unless you have a cat!)

- Run on free solar energy

- Provide a soothing sound when relaxing in your garden

- Doesn’t require an electrician to install, you can DIY

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