Solar Pool Pump

Solar Pool Pump:

When we first purchased a pool we didn’t give the environmental impact a second thought, except for maybe how much water it would use. But we soon realised just how much power a pool pump uses…

Pool pumps are one of the main energy guzzlers in your home, using upto 50% during summer months, when they need to be run all day to clean the water or if you have a salt water chlorinator to produce chlorine.

This is only energy to run the pump which circulates the water not to heat the water.

solar pool pump

What is a solar pool pump?

As pictured above a solar pool pump generally runs at a lower voltage and has a number of solar photovoltaic panels to provide free energy from the sun. The pump is generally of a higher quality and is designed to last many years. The solar panels can be fixed to the roof or mounted on a tracking device that follows the sun during the day for more efficient pumping.

Think long-term economy

Solar pumping is a long-term investment. Most photovoltaic solar modules have a 20 year warranty, and a life expectancy beyond 30 years. The Lorentz BADU TOP 12 pump can also last that long. It will far outlast a cheap AC pool pump because of its high industrial quality and lower rotational speed.

For me I must admit initially it was mainly about how much energy my pump was costing running for 8 hours each day in summer. Most standard size pool pump use about 1.5 kW / hour, so multiply that by 8 and you get 12 kW’s of dirty coal energy consumed in only one day!!

As yet we haven’t converted our pump to solar due to the cost but have changed to a Speck two speed pump that when running on low only uses around 0.5 kW / hour, which suits our pool setup because we have a salt chlorinator which needs water flowing over it to produce chlorine.

If I had known about how much energy pool pumps use when we 1st installed the pool I would have spent the extra at that point to put a solar pump in. If you are going to the trouble and expense of installing a pool it’s worth spending the extra and getting a solar pump installed. A solar pump will add around $4,000 to the total price of installing a pool but remember that once it’s installed you won’t be paying for electricity so that the savings can mount up quickly.

Solar pumps are generally of a higher quality and better engineered than standard pool pumps and use approx. 50% less energy. One of the most widely used solar pumps is the Lorentz BADU Top 12, it is well made, designed to last, and uses much less energy that a normal pool pump.

State Tax Credits

Some states in America offers tax credits for installing a solar pool pump, for example in Arizona they offer a State Tax Credit of $1,000.

You may also qualify for up to a 30% Federal Tax Credit Off the Purchase & Installation – check with your accountant.

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