Solar Pool Covers

Solar Pool Covers:

Have you ever wanted to swim when its in the low 60’s outside? These eco friendly pool covers could be your solution.

Solar Pool Covers - Green Living

In today’s society, going green is on the rise. More people are looking for ways to be more earth friendly and to take advantage of natural resources that do not hurt the earth any more than we already have.

If you are one of these people who is now feeling the need to go green, you may be upgrading your home to be more economically and ecologically friendly. If you have a pool, or are thinking about having a pool installed in your back yard, you might want to look into solar for your pool.

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Economically And Ecologically Friendly

Solar pool covers use heat from the sun in order keep you pool water warm. The solar pool cover will take the sun’s natural warmth and transfer that warmth to your pool. Because you are using a natural source of energy, you are not going to be using any of the earths resources such as gas or electricity. This will make your pool about as eco friendly as you can get it and will save you money as well.

Because you are not using any of the earth’s natural resources you will be able to maintain your pool in a more eco friendly manner. The panels store the suns rays during the day and use this supply of energy to keep your pool warm, allowing those in colder climates to be able to have a longer swimming season without having to pay large utility bills or using up the earths resources.

For those in warmer climates, a solar pool cover will keep your water warm in the cooler winter days so you will be able to use your pool year round with out having to purchase any type of heater that would increase your electric or gas bill tremendously.

Solar Heat is Free heat for your pool!

Cover to Fit Every Budget

You can purchase a one of these covers at a very reasonable price and they come in a sizes and shapes to fit your pool’s natural curves. You do not have to purchase a big expensive cover, you could choose to buy smaller floats that act in the same way. You could also go a little more expensive one and have an automatic retractable pool cover that works entirely off of solar energy.

When you are using a solar cover, the solar panel will store the suns energy in batteries that will charge during the day and continue to heat the pool at night when the suns energy will be lost because it is down. By charging the batteries with the suns energy, will have access to unlimited amounts of free energy, all you have to pay for is the cover and batteries and these can be had for less than five hundred dollars for most back yard pools.

So make sure you do your part to protect the earth and to try and heal some of the damages and stress we have put on it. Solar covers for your pool are just one way in which you can make your home more ecologically and economically friendly.

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