Reusable Coffee Cup

Reusable Coffee Cup – Do you buy a takeaway coffee most days, and want to cut down on your waste, try one of these. In the past I would collect all my used paper coffee cups at work and take them home to recycle, until a friend suggested I buy a coffee cup that I can keep and use over & over again.

Below is a picture of the one I use, it costs around $12, comes in three sizes and works very well.

Reusable coffee cup Keep Cups

Reusable Coffee & Tea Cups to purchase

Reusable coffee cup eco friendly

Eco Friendly Reusable Melamine 16 oz Coffee Mug / Tea CupReusable Coffee CupAnother great reusable coffee mug, this one is 16 oz, made from melamine and is dishwasher safe.

Expect to pay: around US$10

Why reuse your coffee cup?

Think of all the energy that goes into cutting trees down (paper coffee cup), drilling for oil (foam coffee cup), manufacturing, packaging, and finally transporting. So these lovely little cups are great!!

Disposable Cups Facts

– In 2006 Starbucks found they were using around 2.3 billion disposable paper cups every year in their coffee stores.

9.4 million trees cut down to be used for making coffee cups in the US in 2010.

5.7 billion gallons of water used in the manufacture of paper coffee cups in 2010.

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