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Recycle Earth – The Earth’s resources are limited, so we need to Reduce Reuse Recycle.

Definition: Verb 1. Recycle – to reprocess (something already used) for further use: public demand for recycled paper2. to pass (a substance) through a system again for further use. Take from The Free Dictionary.

Why We Should Recycle !

1. Allow manufacturers to re-use their products and therefore cut down on using other valuable raw resources.

2. Costs all of us less than the regular way of collecting and disposing of trash.

3. Saves a ton of energy. Often times it takes less energy to process the recycled items than the raw materials to make the same items.

4. HAS provided numerous jobs in the industry.

If The Kid’s Understand It Why Don’t We ??

Recycle Earth Tips

• Learn what should be recycled and what should go in “the can.”

• Be familiar with the location of your local recycling centers.

• Mark some bins for your recycled items along with Environmentally Friendly Bags and place them in a convenient location. The less travel distance, the more likely you’ll recycle.

So…grab a piece of paper, recycled paper that is, and take some recycle notes!

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All About Recycling………..

1. Recycle Plastic – Information on which plastic products to recycle. Also, which numbers you can recycle and which numbers are not recyclable plastic material.

2. Recycle Paper – Information on how to recycle paper.

3. Recycle Glass – Information on how to recycle glass and what happens to it once it leaves our recycle bins.

4. Recycle Metal – Information on how to recycle scrap ad aluminum metal. Help the environment and make some extra cash.

5. Recycle Ink Cartridges – Information on how and why we should recycle our used ink cartridges.

6. Recycle Computers – Information on why we should recycle our old computers. AND how to save money by purchasing a refurbished one.

7. Recycle Tires – Information on what to do with your old auto tires. There are many uses for tires and its important we don’t just throw them in our garbage.

8. Recycle Cell Phones – Information on the importance of not throwing your old cell phone in the trash! There are many ways we can recycle our old and used cell phones.

9. Recycle Your Batteries – Information on how to recycle batteries and the importance of recycling your old car and alkaline batteries.

10. Recycle Greeting Cards – 7 billion greeting cards are purchased every year. Help keep your greeting cards our of the landfill by recycling them or giving to charity.

11. Recycle Cat Litter – Information on ways to recycle what you cat leaves behind. A liter box full of possible parasites and smelly cat litter.

12. Recycle Light Bulbs – Information on the importance of not throwing our old compact fluorescent bulbs in the trash.

13. Recycle Plastic Grocery Bags – This is so important for our environment. It takes 1,000 years for a plastic bag to decompose. Don’t contribute to this problem, recycle!

14. Recycle Unwanted Christmas Gifts – Tips & suggestions of how to get rid of thos Christmas presents that EVERYBODY gets but NOBODY wants!!

If you have any great tips about how to recycle Earth, or have any questions regarding how to recycle Earth, please Contact Usorwould you like to add a green living article about some aspect of green living you are passionate about.

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Need Help with Recycling

We get requests from people around the world that need help with recycling. “Where can I buy supplies for our waste styrofoam business?” ; “Looking to see if anyone will pay for recycled paper in my area?”Can you help out or you might know someone who can.This is the place to share your recycling experiences & tips!!

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