Recycle Christmas Cards

Recycle Christmas Cards: – It’s incredible, every year 7 billion greeting cards that are purchased in the US each year are discarded, unfortunately landfill is usually the final destination for these 7 billion greeting cards. So, I say let’s do our part and recycle our holiday greetings.

Yes it’s incredible, every year 7 BILLION!! greeting cards that are purchased in the US each year end up as landfill.

Recycle Christmas Cards

Deck the halls with an overflow of Christmas cards. Don’t get me wrong, the more the merrier, but finding a place for the greeting cards before and after Christmas can be a chore. Not to mention cards are made out of paper, paper, and more paper. So, how can you recycle Christmas cards? There are several options available…

1. I’m a huge advocate of Recycling Paper After Christmas is over, discard the greeting cards into your paper recycling bin. Of course, hang on to the ones that have adorable pictures of your nieces and nephews on them.

2. My Grandmother, although very thrifty but eco-conscious as well, always used her leftover Christmas cards as postcards for the following year. She would cut off the front portion of the card on write on the blank space on the other side. It was actually always a delight to get a recycled Christmas postcard from Grandma.

3. Every year I try to make my own gift tags. They give a little extra something to the package. This year, I used my old Christmas cards to save me time and money. By cutting them into different shapes, each one had a different look. Cut our your desired image, punch a hole, and tie a ribbon through the hole. It is very simple to do.

4. Another great way to recycle your old Christmas cards is to make decoupaged placemats on heavy duty card stock. I paste pictures and images that I cut out from the cards and cover them in decoupage glue. Wait for them to dry and you will have beautiful personal holiday placemats.

5. Charities are always near and dear to my heart. There are a few charities that recycle Christmas cards as well as a few charities that will benefit from purchasing a recycled Christmas card.

A great video full of home recycling ideas!

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1. I love St. Jude’s organizations for kids. So needless to say, I will find any way possible to help out when I can. They have a very successful program called St. Jude’s Card Recycling. The children at St. Jude earn money by creating new holiday cards from old. They also are able to learn about the importance of “going green.” The best p art about this program is out ability to purchase their recycled Christmas cards. For more information you can visit St. Jude’s Ranch website.

2. Cards For Causes is a wonderful online store that you can purchase your recycled greeting cards from. They will turn around and donate 20% of their sales to a charity of your choice.

3. Green Charity Cards will also donate 10% of each card sold to an organization that preserves the rain forest.

This year, make a very earth conscious decision by purchasing recycled cards and recycling those cards after the holidays are over.
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