How to Recycle Cell Phones

Recycle Cell Phones or mobile phones as they are called in some countries:

As we become more technologically advanced, a big problem that we are running into is E-waste. Cell Phones are rapidly catching up to computer parts as the number one culprit of E-waste, and it is a shame because it is unnecessary. Cell phones can be recycled any number of ways.

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Cell phones contain many toxins, one of which is mercury. Mercury is a heavy metal, and if it is soaked through the skin or ingested, it will cause brain damage.

Also cell phones contain rare earth minerals that are becoming very valuable, so we should recycle them and not throw away.

When people throw away something as small as a cell phone, even if the trash company has a policy of not accepting them, they are not likely to find one at the bottom of a trash can.

If the cell phone is taken to a landfill along with the rest of the trash, over a period of time it can leak mercury into the soil, and it may eventually get into the water supply.

Of course, it would be a small amount from one cell phone, but all the cell phones across the world that get thrown away could turn out to be a problem. I am of the mind that any mercury in the soil or water is too much.

So What Should You Do With Your Old Phone?

If possible be frugal, try to get another 6 months use or even a year or two out of your old cell phone, do you really need the latest and greatest?

Never, ever, throw away a cell phone. Find someone in your family who doesn’t have a cell phone, and present it to them as a gift. Cell phones can be reformatted with new numbers, and whoever you give it to will be grateful for the gift.

If you don’t have anyone in the family that you would like to give your old cell phone to, after you have had your number deleted try giving it away to charity. Phones 4 Charity makes it easy for you to donate your old cell phone for recycling to charity. Your cell phone will be refurbished and put to good use. Recycled phones are sent to other countries and areas in the United States where there is a need for cell phones. I think this is a pretty neat route to go! Imagine what we could do with 800 million retired phones sitting in drawers and cabinets across the world? Someone less fortunate than your self would be thrilled to have a cell phone of their very own. Also the Goodwill or the Salvation Army will be happy to accept your cell phone donation. Even if your cell phone is out of date.

If you don’t feel comfortable giving your old cell phone to goodwill or the Salvation Army, know that many electronics retailers like Radio Shack and Office Depot accept them.

Need some extra cash? There is a great site called Cell For Cash! You can get cash for your old phones in three easy steps. First you find your phone in their phone list, then you submit your information, and last but not list send your phone. Before you know it you will receive a check in the mail. This is a pretty cool deal! It’s time we take some personal responsibility for the things we throw away that end up in landfills, and recycling your cell phone is a good place to start. So, Please recycle cell phones…

A great video on why we should recycle old cell phones

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