Recycle Cat Litter

Recycle Cat Litter:

“Would you believe me if I told you that there is more cat litter in landfills than diapers!”

That is mainly because it is not easy to recycle. In fact, we have to be very careful with how we go about recycling it because of the parasites that are found in cat feces.

Recycle Cat Litter - Green Living

Ways NOT to Recycle

1. As compost in the garden. Again, you do not want parasites mixed with your growing tomatoes.

2.Throw it in your recycling bin. The clay that is used for making cat litter can harm the environment.

Ways to Recycle Cat Litter

1. Do you have unwanted holes in your asphalt driveway? Well, you can fill those holes with cat litter.

2. Have a poison Ivy problem around you home? Cat litter, without the clumps, has been known to kill poison ivy.

There really does not seem to be many ways to recycle used cat litter. is the trusted source for your dog's natural health care.

You can opt to use environmentally friendly cat litter such as:

1. Wood Pellets – Ones that are used for wood stoves.

2. Recycled paper (shredded if possible) – Does not leave a smell behind.

3. Pine Shavings – Very inexpensive.

4. Or you can opt to just toilet train your cat!!:)

Another option may be to install a cat door which allows your cat to go outside to the toilet.

If you have additional tips on this subject of recycling, or alternatively you have questions about how to recycle kitty litter, please Contact Us by just clicking the link!

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