Recycle Burnt Out Light Bulbs

Recycle burnt out light bulbs – There are specific ways to recycle your burnt out light bulbs. The importance of recycling our bulbs are now more important than ever. The much recommended, environmentally friendly bulbs known as compact fluorescent bulbs contain a small amount of mercury. These bulbs, if disposed of incorrectly, can cause harm to us and to the environment.
Recycle Burnt Out Light Bulbs
Out goes one of your fluorescent bulbs. So you unknowingly unscrew it, throw it into the trash bin and replace it. Little do you know that the contents of that light bulb can be hazardous to so many if not discarded correctly. Always recycle your burnt out bulbs by locating a drop off location that is near your home. We support Veocia Environmental Services. You can find a drop off location by visiting the Veocia Environmental Services website, just click the link. Most drop off locations are located at Home Depot and cost nothing!

Great Video on Recycling Fluorescent Bulbs

So, what about non-fluorescent bulbs ?

So you’ve made the change to fluorescent light bulbs. What should you do with those old energy wasting bulbs? One aspect of “green living” is reusing old products. Can you be creative with spent bulbs? One really creative idea is to make a vase out of an old light bulb. The following video will show you how.

Or, you can make a scene within a light bulb. Display a beach theme, ship, or even a winter wonderland. The following video will show you how.

Create beautiful Christmas ornaments and decorations with old light bulbs. You can give these as gifts or make them to fit your tree theme for the year. The following video will show you how.

When you need to replace a incandescent light bulb try replacing it with an LED lightbulb, these have many benefits over old fashion globes such as lasting 50,000 hours plus and using around 90% less energy than incandescent globes.

If you have any additional great tips on how to recycle burnt out light bulbs, or alternatively questions about how to recycle blown light bulbs please Contact Us by just clicking the link.

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