Recycle Batteries

Recycle Batteries:

Batteries are amazing devices that power our cars, television remotes, and radios. They are of dire importance when the power goes out. They provide the energy that flashlights need, and they also power radios so that the user can keep updated on the weather in their area. But batteries can be a double edged sword because they may be the most environmental damaging thing that you can put in your trash can. So it is imperative that you recycle lead acid battery.

Recycle Batteries - Easy Green LivingRecycle Batteries - Easy Green LivingRecycle Batteries - Easy Green LivingRecycle Batteries - Easy Green Living

Batteries contain toxic heavy metals and acid that can leak into the soil, and contaminate the water supply. Battery contaminated soils can discourage plant life for generations. Because we eat plants that come from the earth, and the meat we eat also eats the plants that come from the earth it is important that we protect as much as the soil as possible.

Recycle Alkaline Batteries

I’m not talking just about lead car batteries; I am also talking about the alkaline batteries that power our small devices. Some of these alkaline batteries are rechargeable, but must of them are not. It is fairly simple to recycle lead acid battery, but it is not quite as easy to recycle alkaline batteries. We must insist our recycling centers allow for alkaline battery recycle.

To recycle lead acid battery that you have taken out of your car, simply take it to the place where you plan to buy your new car battery. They will be happy to take it off of your hands, and they may even give you money off of your new car battery.

Sadly, it is harder to recycle alkaline batteries. There aren’t many places that take them, and if you find one you should consider yourself lucky. To find a place near you that will recycle alkaline batteries, Visit this Informative Website.

Recycle Car Batteries

Please view the video below, it contains useful tips & information on this topic, it also shows exactly how to remove your old car battery to take it in to recycle it.

The best battery choice you can make is to use rechargeable batteries, these can be re-used upto 1,000 times and even though they cost more to purchase upfront, will save you in the long run both in dollars and the environment.

So, we should all be working to be part of the solution to our environmental problem, so always recycle lead acid battery and work to find a way for alkaline battery recycle.

If you have additional tips on how to recycle batteries, or alternatively questions about how to do recycling, please Contact Us using this link.

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