Potable Water Storage Tank

Potable Water Storage Tank – Do you have one yet? Which water tank do you need?
Water is becoming more and more precious as the earth’s population increases. Rather than pump water hundreds of miles to your home, using energy if the process, why not collect rainwater from your home’s roof?

When we renovated our home in 2000 we were looking for some green ideas to lower our impact on the environment. We added a 6,000 gallon (23,000 liter) concrete water tank under our home. This services all our water needs including showering, washing, gardening and one toilet (the other two toilets run off a grey water system). The only mains water we use is for the kitchen tap so we could guarantee the water quality for cooking and drinking.

What type of water tanks are available?

We used concrete mainly because we buried the tank two thirds underground but if you are siting your water tank next to your home or in the yard then you can use plastic, steel or even a bladder water tank under your house or deck.

If you plan to use the rain water for drinking i.e. potable, then make sure you check with the tank seller to ensure it is suitable.

Do you have a leaking toilet, these can use up an amazing amount of water over a year, here’s a new product that alerts you when your toilet is leaking. Leak Alertor

Potable Water Storage Tank

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