Led Christmas Tree Lights

Led Christmas Tree Lights – Why buy led holiday lights? Well for starters they’ll last upto 100,000 hours, if you run them for all of December, 24 hours per day they will last 134 years!! That is what I call long life!

This beautiful Time Square New Year’s Eve Ball was produced entirely using LED lighting, it uses the equivalent to just 10 toasters, while also delivering twice the brightness of previous years’ balls.

led christmas tree lights

As you can see from the image above, LED’s can operate in almost any color, creating beautiful lighting effects. There are even solar led christmas lights for outdoor use, just place the solar panel facing the sun and away you go.

LED’s also use 95% less power than old fashion Christmas lights, reducing your power bill and of course creating less pollution at the same time. A string of Xmas lights using LED’s will use around 5 watts per hour.

LED’s generate almost no heat and therefore reduce the risk of fire.

LED’s are also non-toxic, so if you do ever have to dispose of them, won’t give off harmful toxins in landfill.

Lastly LED’s are becoming very common so are very reasonably priced and are available in many stores both online and in your neighbourhood.
Read more about LED lightbulbs and how they can lower your energy usage.

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