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Six Fun Hybrid Car Facts:

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1. The first hybrid car was built in the nineteenth century! It was developed by Ferdinand Porsche, while he worked for the Lohner car company in 1899. Porsche went on to start his own car company, which is still in existence today. Many types of hybrid cars were frequent when the automotive industry was in its infancy. When oil was discovered in Texas, and gasoline became cheap to produce, hybrid cars went into hibernation for almost fifty years. Hybrid vehicles have an Entire History to Them! 2. Hybrid car sales have doubled in just 6 years. Due to rising fuel costs, sales of hybrid cars have doubled over the short period of 6 years. While sales have fallen somewhat over the past year (2008) due to the world wide economic crisis, sales still remain brisk and the market is expected to keep growing.

3. Many hybrid cars, like the Ford Escape Hybrid, have 10,000-mile oil change intervals. This is because the electric engine saves on the wear and tear of the gasoline engine.

4. Hybrid car buyers get a tax credit from the federal government. How much of a tax credit depends on what kind of hybrid you buy, and when you buy it. The earlier you buy a hybrid after its release date, the more money your credit will be. There is information on Hybrid Tax Credit. 5. Hybrid cars have very high customer satisfaction ratings. Customer satisfaction is determined by surveys filled out by the car owners. The majority of hybrid car owners are overwhelmingly satisfied with their vehicles.

6. The battery packs in most hybrid cars are powered by the brakes. When the brakes of a hybrid car are applied, the resulting energy is stored in the battery for later use. (Although there are some systems where the battery is charged by the motor itself, in an alternator type system.)

There is a huge demand for alternative fuel vehicles, and hybrid cars are leading the way. Auto manufacturers are under heavy pressure to develop more fuel-efficient cars, so we can expect many more hybrid cars to be produced. This will cut down on our energy usage, our dependence on foreign oil, and it will reduce the amount of pollution that is put in the air. As they become more plentiful, I expect hybrid cars to stabilize in price and increase in technology. ]]>If you have additional hybrid car facts or alternatively have questions regarding hybrid car facts, please Contact Us by just clicking the link!

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