How To Compost

How to Compost:

I was lucky to have a grandfather who showed me the proper way to compost. I understand that some people might do it a bit differently, but over the years I have found that his way was good, and it works.

How To Compost - Easy Green Living

In his back yard were two large 55 gallon oil drums. It was in these that he would keep his compost. It could be anything from coffee grounds, to teabags, or wood ashes and dead weeds. He had a large heavy metal lid for the drums, and this would keep insects out and it would discourage animals from getting into it. Sometimes when he opened the lid of the drum a strong stench would come from the inside of the barrel. For this reason, it’s important to keep the container you use a good distance away from your living quarters, but not close enough to the neighbors to annoy them.

You might not be able to get a hold of a 55 gallon drum, but what’s important is that you have a container to keep your compost in. Your compost container should have a lid that serves a multi-purpose; keeping the smell down, keeping insects to a minimum, and keeping rodents out of your compost.

What Can You Compost?

You can compost almost anything animal or vegetable. Uneaten food, coffee grounds, eggshells, leaves, and newspaper are all compostable.

If you are going to compost uneaten food in your house, use a small bowl to keep it in. You don’t want to have a big bowl that takes a while to fill because you don’t want the odor of decaying food in your home. Having a lid for this bowl will also be a big help in keeping odors and insects to a minimum. If you have pets you also want to keep a curious cat or dog out of it. Once a day, take the contents of the bowl and empty it into your outside compost container.

Things like grass, leaves, and weeds are easy. If you have a lawn mower bag, you can simply empty the grass into the container or spread it over your garden if it’s an off growing season. A problem with spreading grass in your garden is that some of the grass will contain seeds which will take root and fill your garden. If you don’t mind dealing with this the next time you till, feel free to go ahead and compost this way. Leaves and weeds are done pretty much the same way. Fill them in your container or spread them evenly throughout your garden.

When it’s time to sow your garden, spread the compost evenly throughout your garden, then till it into your soil. This will give the earth in your garden the rich nutrients that plants thrive on. Good luck with your gardening this year, and I hope it does well!

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