How Do Hybrid Cars Work?

How do Hybrid Cars Work?:

There are many misconceptions out there about how Hybrid cars work, and I would like to put a few of them to rest. The most common misconception I run into is that you need to leave the vehicle plugged into an electrical socket over night. The truth is, hybrid cars don’t even require a plug.
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Hybrid Batteries

Hybrid cars have two engines, one electric and one gasoline. They sit side by side underneath the hood of the vehicle, and they work in tandem with each other. The electric motor is powered by a battery.

This is a different type of battery than the one that powers your headlights or starts your gasoline engine. It’s more like the type of battery that powers your calculator or watch, but much larger.

The battery is either recharged by the engine itself or the vehicles braking system. When you apply the brakes to a vehicle, brake pads press up against a disc, which causes friction, it’s what makes your vehicle slow down. This friction generates a fair amount of energy, which is why brakes are ventilated to help them cool.

In a hybrid vehicle, this friction energy is put back into the battery, which stores it for later. The more the brakes are used, the more energy the battery stores. This system makes city driving ideal for hybrids.

I’ve also heard concerns that the battery system in hybrids would be expensive to fix. The truth is, most manufacturers have long warranties on the batteries, which range from 10 years to life. The maintenance costs on hybrid cars aren’t any more than the cost of maintaining gasoline powered cars.

In hybrid cars, at low speeds (usually under 20-25 mph), the electric motor powers the drive train. In heavy stop and go traffic you will be constantly charging the battery, so you shouldn’t use a drop of fuel.

Electric motors are very quiet, so at stoplights, it will seem like the vehicle isn’t running. Once the vehicle reaches speeds over 20-25 mph, the gasoline engine will kick in, and it transitions in a way that is smooth and unobtrusive.

Remember, the more energy you use in a hybrid car, the more energy you are taking from the battery. If you are at a stop and you are running the headlights, air conditioner, radio, and a DVD player, don’t be surprised if the gasoline engine kicks on for a bit until you get going and start applying the brakes.

Expense of Hybrids

Hybrid cars do cost a bit more than gasoline powered cars, but you will save money on gasoline, and you will be putting less pollution into the air. You will also be reducing dependence on foreign oil. All in all, owning a hybrid has many benefits. So, how do hybrid cars work? Very, very efficiently.

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