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High Efficiency Products – Here are some of the green efficient products that are available to lower your energy usage in the home. Before we go any further could we ask a favor, please let us know if you find a great energy efficient product, as we can’t possibly find all the best & greenest products out there.

The products we will concentrate on are the biggest energy guzzlers in the home, including fridges, tv, air-conditioning, heating furnaces, hot water heaters, pool pumps.


Air-conditioning is one of the worst energy guzzlers in the world today, so if you can do without it please try, maybe try planting trees that will block the summer sun or using evaporative cooling. If not choose one of these energy efficient air-conditioners:

Toshiba efficient air conditioner

CountryMake / ModelEnergy consumption (kWh/yr)Cooling / Heating kW’sStar rating10 Yr Energy CostAustralia & NZToshiba RAS-07PKVP-E/PAVP-E2342.0 / 2.55.5 / 6.0398

Energy Efficient Fridges

In most homes the fridge uses around 10% of all energy consumed mainly becaused it has to be on all the time, so it’s a great place to reduce kilowatt usage, older fridges will be much worse, maybe using as much as 20% of your homes energy.

Electrolux Energy Efficient Fridge

CountryMake / ModelEnergy consumption (kWh/yr)Size LitresStar rating10 Yr Energy Cost $Australia & NZElectrolux ETM4200SC3494203.5593

We’ve used $0.17 cents per kilowatt which may vary slighly from where you live and the utility company you use.

High Efficiency Gas Water Heater

Can we suggest before you even think of buying a water heater, please consider a solar hot water heater first, basically for around 9 months each year you are getting free hot water from the sun, the payback period is as little as 6 years in warmer climates.

If for some reason you can’t purchase a solar hot water heater then probably the next best thing is a tankless (instantaneous) water heater. The great thing about these heater is they only heat water when it is required, they don’t store hot water, also they are very compact so don’t take up much room.

Rinnai efficient hot water heater

CountryMake / ModelEnergy consumption (Therms/yr)Max Gallons Per Minute (77°F rise)USARinnai RC80HPe1613.9

Do you have any interesting tips or suggestions for high efficiency products, or questions about these high efficiency products, if you do please Contact Us!orwould you like to add a green living article about some aspect of green living you are passionate about. ]]>

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