Health Medicinal Benefits of Garlic

There are two main health medicinal benefits of garlic. The first is:

Health Medicinal Benefits of Garlic - Easy Green Living

1. Garlic and High Blood Pressure

When I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure, I was prescribed medication from my family doctor. I don’t like the way the medication makes me feel. It makes me go to the bathroom every 20 minutes, and I go to bed two hours earlier at night than I used to, because the medication makes me drowsy.

This is especially not much fun for me during tax time. I get home late from work and want to spend time with my wife before I hit the sack. When I go back to the doctor next month, I am going to ask him about using garlic for lowering cholesterol, as well as ask him about garlic and high blood pressure. I’m on a quest to find all the health medicinal benefits of garlic.

When I first heard about Garlic being used to lower high blood pressure, for some reason I immediately thought about Dracula. I know this sounds absurd, but I am a fan of the old monster movies, and vampires were often warded off by garlic. There are several theories as to why vampires don’t like garlic, and I find it interesting that vampires drink blood, and garlic lowers your blood pressure.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in vampires but I do believe ancient superstitions are based on facts that our ancestors may have noticed. Perhaps one of them was that people who ate lots of garlic were healthier. Who knows?

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Medically Speaking

If high blood pressure is left untreated, it could lead to heart attack, stroke, and in men it is a leading cause of E.D. Since heart attacks and strokes can lead to death, leaving my high blood pressure untreated is not a viable option. However, I do not want to become dependent on big pharma for medication that is going to keep me alive, and I love the idea of a natural treatment. I don’t plan to stop taking the medication prescribed to me, but I am going to try to minimize it by consuming garlic.

Garlic does have a strong odor, and luckily, I have found that it comes in capsule form. I do like eating garlic on my Spaghetti, but I don’t plan to eat spaghetti every night. I don’t find the idea of just eating raw garlic cloves appealing, so garlic capsules here I come! I’m hoping to see the health medicinal benefits of garlic work wonders for me.

2. Garlic to Lower Cholesterol

High Cholesterol can be a cause of high blood pressure, and in my research I have found that people use garlic for lower cholesterol. How I understand it, is that garlic helps break down the cholesterol that builds up in your arteries, which allows for a freer blood flow. This would of course also lower your blood pressure. It is my hope that eventually, my blood pressure will be maintained at a level where I no longer need medication that comes from a pharmacy.

Preliminary results are promising, type in “garlic and high blood pressure” into a search engine, and you are likely to get over half a million results. Hopefully, I will soon be able to tell you all how well it works!

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