Greener Homes are the Future

by Sachi Jayatilleke (London)

Spring is calling already and it is finally time for the good old spring cleaning of your whole house. It is also time for some clingy home improvement steps to get your property back to the usual prosperous beauty once known. However, why don’t you set your aims a bit lower and start taking a greener step towards home improvement? There is always the risk and issue of how much money will be involved in this total makeover. Is the actual outcome going to be worth the investment?There are many governmental schemes, such as the Green Deal Initiative in the UK, which helps to overcome the financial hurdle with loans and bursaries. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to find the extra cash right now! Here are five simple tips, which will have a positive impact on the environment without spending ridiculous amounts of money:• LightsDon’t leave unnecessary lights on during the day or keep computers on overnight – we all know these little tips and tricks mummy and daddy told us back in the days. Fact is that about every four homes in the US have electronic products running on standby. However, people need to change habits, like leaving the heating on while the windows are open, as many homeowners still believe that they themselves as an individual won’t make a difference. That is completely WRONG, because saving energy on something as easy as flicking a little switch is better for the environment.• InsulationHome Insulation is quite underestimated by homeowners, as its results can help you greatly with your savings. Recent studies have shown that at least one fourth of your heat is lost through the roof. Hence, insulating your big roof can help you keep the heat in the rooms and reduce you energy bills – it’s a WIN-WIN situation! ;)

• CurtainsAnother way of keeping the heat in your room is to install curtains instead of blinds. Before turning on the heating system, high quality curtains can trap the heat in your room easily and avoid it from escaping through your windows. If you are working on a low budget currently, this minor change can make you save a lot of money in the long term, when the nasty winter hits again.• DoorsAn interesting fact is that over 10% of your heat at home is lost through the windows and doors. This will slowly add up on top of your energy bills. One possibility to avoid those immense heat losses is to purchase a composite door, which will keep your home sufficiently heated. Most of these doors have a so-called U-Value of 1.8, which is a legal requirement. U-value is a simple measure of heat loss through your door.• Greener ElectricityIt is widely known that there is a significant connection between the on-going global warming and the output of carbon dioxide (CO2). It is very worrying that half of our electricity output is supplied through the burning of coal, which produces amounts of CO2 as a waste product. But don’t worry, as there are several ‘green’ electricity suppliers out there, who use only electricity sources that do not affect the environment negatively. So make your move NOW and register to one of the many green electricity suppliers!

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