Green Tea Prostate Cancer

Green Tea Prostate Cancer: – Drink Green Tea to Prevent Prostate Cancer.

Green Tea Prostate Cancer - Easy Green LivingGreen Tea Prostate Cancer - Easy Green LivingGreen Tea Prostate Cancer - Easy Green LivingGreen Tea Prostate Cancer - Easy Green LivingGreen Tea Prostate Cancer - Easy Green LivingGreen Tea Prostate Cancer - Easy Green Living

You may know about the many health benefits of drinking Green Tea, such as lowering blood pressure, and cholesterol, but did you know that drinking green tea may prevent prostate cancer?

Green tea differs from black tea in that the leaves of green tea have not been fermented. Green plants contain compounds called polyphenols. These polyphenols are especially high in liquids that come from green plants. Researchers at the Case Western Reserve School of Medicine reported that polyphenols kill cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone.(1)

Green tea also contains a high level of Antioxidants that inhibit cancer cell growth. Antioxidants are a substance that prevents the oxidation damage in the cells. Damage to the cells is what may lead to cancer.

But drinking green tea might also be an effective treatment against Cancer as well as a good way to prevent it. In 2004 a study from the mayo institute showed that that a compound in green tea effectively cut off communication between cancer cells, causing them to die.(2) Countries whose populations consume large amounts of green tea have lower rates of cancer than those who do not.(3)

Study after study has shown that drinking green tea can help prevent and fight various types of cancer. Black tea might have a bit more flavor than green tea but it doesn’t have as many health benefits, although it does have some. There are various ways to drink green tea, but studies have shown to get the full effect of the health benefits it is best drank hot. Four to 10 cups per day should be plenty, after ten cups there is no greater cumulative effect.

Green Tea does contain caffeine, and if you are sensitive to caffeine it may keep you awake (It can also help you to wake up in the morning). Drinking a lot of liquid can also send you to the restroom more frequently. These side effects are minimal compared to the possible health benefits And unlike most medications, drinking green tea will not make you drowsy, it may actually increase your alertness!

Another benefit is that Green Tea is not as fattening as other popular drinks like soda pop or lemonade. (That is, unless you add high amounts of sugar to your green tea drink). It tastes great, and it has been used as a social icebreaker for hundreds of years. In times past, instead of drinking a cup of coffee with the neighbor you might find yourself sipping from a warm cup of home brewed green tea. It is still the beverage of choice in some Asian countries such as China And Japan.

So in order to stave off cancer, or to help fight it, drink green tea. It tastes great and you might find yourself enjoying it more than you expected.

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Great Informational Video on the Benefits of Green Tea

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