Green Tea Cancer

Green Tea Cancer:

Drinking a fair amount of Green Tea each day will help prevent you from getting cancer, and it will also help fight the cancer if you already have it.

That is the conclusion I have come up with after researching and reading a good many studies found online. Some of the studies were epidemiological, (statistical) and others were cause and effect. Some of them involved humans, and others involved laboratory animals. All of them seemed to indicate that drinking green tea can prevent cancer, and it will fight cancer as well. You can see some of the same studies for yourself by typing the words “green tea and cancer” into your favorite search engine.

What struck me, was that it wasn’t just one type of cancer that drinking green tea seemed to prevent, it was many different types of cancer. I wasn’t surprised about the benefits of Green Tea preventing prostate cancer, Prostate Cancer , but I was surprised that certain studies even seemed to indicate that drinking green tea can prevent breast cancer, as well as stomach, mouth, and colon cancer. Once I took a look at some of the reasons scientists gave for drinking green tea to be so beneficial, it made perfect sense to me.

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Green tea cancer and prevention go hand in hand. Green tea, which is from the same plant as black tea but with unoxidized leaves, is heavy in a substance called. EGCG. EGCG is an antioxidant that attacks cancer cells by binding with them, and inhibiting it’s growth. This antioxidant is able to do this while leaving the healthy cells alone. This same antioxidant prevents cancer causing oxidants by scavenging them.

Countries like China and Japan, whose population drink large amounts of green tea, have lower In these Asian countries, green tea is drank much in the same way that coffee is drank in the west. It is a sign of respect and friendship to be offered a cup of green tea. You can use green tea to make iced tea, but in order to get the best health benefits, it is best drank hot.

Does Green Tea Contain Caffeine?

Green tea contains about half the amount of caffeine as coffee, but it is still enough to make you jittery if you are sensitive to the effects of caffeine. If you are thinking about adding green tea to your diet, try to do it at a time when you are planning on staying awake, like early morning or midday. The studies I have seen show that any where from four cups to ten cups per day are beneficial.

I am not recommending that green tea should be drank instead of taking prescriptions. I am recommending it as a preventive measure, and drinking it with prescriptions if you have cancer certainly couldn’t hurt. Also, many people in the US. are uninsured and can’t afford medication, and drinking green tea is a less costly alternative. The results of green tea and cancer prevention are coming in, and the results look promising.

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