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Green Health – Definition: Natural Health – Any form of health care–eg, diet, exercise, herbs, Healthy Healing Oils or hydrotherapy, which allegedly enhances the body’s natural healing powers. Taken from the free

Health is affected by our environment. They really do go hand in hand. We breath the polluted air and chemicals that we use and in turn it has a negative effect on our health. It’s time to clean up our environment and our health. Green Living is all encompassing.

Herbal Remedies

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Why Should We Seek Natural Remedies?

We have become a pill popping society. The pharmaceutical companies love the United States! Do you ever wonder what our ancestors used to do when they came across health problems? I believe it’s time we start seeking out natural remedies for our ailments, and start taking preventative measures as well. Instead of treating the symptoms lets treat the cause!


Green Health – All About Green Health……

1. Health Benefits of Garlic Garlic is natures powerful little secret. It’s benefits reach far beyond flavoring food or giving us bad breath.

2. Fish Oil To Lower Cholesterol Information on the health benefits of taking a fish oil supplement. The benefits to do not stop at cholesterol!

3. Green Tea To Lower Cholesterol Information on the health benefits of drinking green tea regularly. Lower your cholesterol with daily cups of green tea.

4. Primrose Oil To Lower Cholesterol Information on the cholesterol lowering benefits of taking primrose oil. It may have some side effects for certain individuals.

5. More Health Benefits Primrose Oil Primrose oil has been known to help with many ailments include eczema and diabetes.

6. Green Tea to Prevent Prostate Cancer Information on the health benefits of drinking green tea. Protect your prostate by having a few glasses a day!

7. Green Tea and Cancer Information on what type of cancers green tea helps fight or protects you from. Also, how much green tea we should be drinking to benefit our health.

8. Benefits of Lemon Juice Lemons are great for more than just cleaning and eating. They really do have some great health benefits.

9. Benefits of Fiber – Fiber has myriad health benefits from helping to maintain feelings of fullness to helping lower blood cholesterol. Fiber also makes a great colon cleanse for body detoxification; especially when combined with digestive herbs.

10. Healthy Lifestyles – swap books and e-books, CDs and videos relating to mindfulness meditation – 100% free!

Healthy Lifestyle

Everything you need to know about getting, being and staying healthy. Here are the tools you need to build a healthy lifestyle.

Do you have asthma, read more at Asthma Symptoms86 – This site is about treatments for asthma, learning about the disease and how to prevent symptoms from occurring. The Author is also an asthmatic.

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