Green Commuting

green commuting

Green Commuting – How do you get to work or study? Car travel in the US (yes including SUV’s, Pickups, etc.) accounts for upto 62% of all greenhouse gases in the US.

How did people in the past get to work before we had cars? Well most people lived close to their work until the rise of cheap gasoline and then of course car use soared. Now people can live 60 miles or more from where they work, the problem is all this car driving is causing massive polution problems and contributing to climate change.

Green Tips for Commuting to Work or Study

1. If you have public transport nearby then give it a go, take a book or listen to music and relax instead of getting stressed on the way to work.

2. If you live close enough, try commuting by bicycle, it offers great benefits such as: get healthy & fit, saves money and it is often quicker than driving.

3. Telecommute – If you have a job that lends itself to working from home, ask your boss if you could work from home one or two days per week.

4. Consider carpooling, there are many website available that match up people who make similars journeys and could share their drive. You will meet new people, save money and help the environment with less cars on the road.

5. Maybe next time you are looking for a job, find a job closer to home even if it is a bit less money, you’ll have less stress in your life and arrive home in time to spend extra time with your family….

6. Finally if you must drive and have no other way to get to work, then drive greener or buy a greener car such as a hybrid or better still an electric car.

If you have additional tips on greener commuting, or alternatively questions about green commuting, please Contact Usorwould you like to add a green living article about some aspect of green living you are passionate about.

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