Facts About Solar Energy

Facts About Solar EnergySolar Energy is a fantastic choice for anyone wanting to save money and do the right thing by our fragile environment. Not only can you save money on your electric bills each month but you can also help to reduce environmental damage caused by using electricity created by burning fossil fuels or other equally harmful methods.

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Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

1. Appliance that uses the most electricity – In American households the highest level of electricity use on average is heating water, but it’s interesting to note that electric ovens use the most electricity of any other appliance with microwaves being next highest and followed by central air conditioning systems.

2. Sun’s Potential – It’s already well known that solar energy is becoming a more popular choice with many households but did you also know that the more sunlight reaches the Earth in one single hour than the amount used by the world’s total population every year? In fact, energy provided by sunlight is the Earth’s largest source of renewable energy.

With such an abundant source of energy available to us, it’s only logical to harness this great energy source to benefit our environment and also cut our expenses at the same time.

3. Average Kilowatts used per month – The US Department of Energy reports that the average American household will use on average 866 kilowatt hours of electricity per month. If you’re using traditionally created electricity, this is an approximate cost of $70.68 per month out of your wallet.

4. How Solar Power Works – Solar power is harnessed using a thermal technology which converts light from the sun into electricity by way of photovoltaic technology. By creating solar energy you don’t create any greenhouse gas emissions. Each home solar power creation system is made up of usually 12 solar panels that can harness the sun’s energy even on cloudy days. You can even store the electricity you produce in batteries for later use.

5. Appliances that use electricity – You should seriously consider Switching to Solar Energy if your home uses any of the following:

- Water Heating- Electric Air Conditioners- Electric oven- Electric stove element or halogen cook-plate- Microwave- Pool Heating- Electric Powered Cars- Clothes dryer- Any other Electrical Appliance

There are many ways to reduce your carbon footprint to help protect and preserve our environment, but one of the biggest ways a single household can help is to consider solar energy.

Even though one household alone can’t fix the global warming problems, it is possible to help minimize the damage by considering using renewable energy sources. We only have one world and we need to consider using sustainable options if we want to preserve our fragile environment.

Going green means that we use the natural resources at our disposal and make conscious efforts to conserve and save the environment, the earth and our lives. Go green with one of the best natural resources of renewable energy we have – Solar Energy.

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