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Compost Pile - Easy Green LivingCompost Pile - Easy Green LivingCompost Pile - Easy Green LivingCompost Pile - Easy Green Living

Compost Pile Definition: Composting is the purposeful bio degradation of organic matter, such as yard and food waste.

The decomposition is performed by micro-organisms, mostly bacteria, but also yeasts and fungi.[1] In low temperature phases a number of macro-organisms, such as spring tails, ants, nematodes, isopods and earthworms also contribute to the process, as well as soldier fly, fruit flies and fungus gnats. There are a wide range of organisms in the decomposer community. [2]Taken from

Importance Of Composting

1. Makes kitchen and yard waste into a ground humus like matter that restores nutrients to the soil. Which is paramount to plant nutrition. 2. Reduces the amount of green waste going into landfills.3. Helps your Eco Friendly Garden garden grow to its potential.

Compost Pile

“Worm Farming!”

“Create Your Very Own Organic Compost!”

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All About Composting……..

1. Why Compost – The importance of using our kitchen and yard scraps to make nutrient rich soil. 2. How To Compost – Wonder where to start? Information on how to compost and what you can compost. 3. What Can I Compost – If you have ever wondered about what to place in your compost pile this article is for you. Everything from wood to pet droppings will do the trick.4. Compost leaves – The natural process of leaf decomposition can be of value to your garden. Learn how to make the best compost out of your leaves.5. Compost Pails – Buy yourself a cheap compost pail that you can use in the kitchen before transferring to your garden compost bin or pile.6. Compost Bin Designs – Check out the various compost bin designs available.

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