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Compost Pails – Buy Yourself a Cheap Compost Bin

Have you ever wondered what people did with their garbage 300 years ago? Back in those times, there was no weekly garbage pickup, and no recycling centers to take the garbage to. Of Course, there were no pop cans, plastic containers and the like.

No, folks back in those times were more efficient with their living by products. If there was any waste paper, it was burned for heat. Old clothes were handed down, or used to make new clothes, and waste food products were stored in a cheap compost bin usually made from wood, and used as fertilizer for farming.

While the technological advances we have made since those times have made our lives more comfortable than our ancestors, the downside is that they leave us with just too much crap. Over the years, man has come up with different and more efficient ways to get rid of our useless junk. After a while, people started throwing away things they used to compost, mostly for convenience. Eventually this led to most people forgetting how to compost. Don’t worry; it is really easy to do.

bamboo compost pail

If you are planning on starting a compost pile, the first thing you need to do is get a good kitchen compost pail. The best kind that you can get is one with a sealed lid, so you don’t attract rodents and insects, and a sealed lid will keep the decaying smells out of your kitchen.

I also recommend getting a smaller sized kitchen compost pail, unless you own a restaurant you aren’t going to want uneaten food portions sitting inside your house for weeks at a time. A smaller kitchen compost container will need to be changed more often than a larger one, and you are going to want to do most of your composting outside.

A good garden hose is also important. Plastic trash can liners do not compost, but you can use brown paper bags that do. However, I don’t recommend this because uneaten food will get moist as it decays, and paper bags will leak. What I recommend is not using a liner at all, and thoroughly cleaning your kitchen compost container with a garden hose after emptying your compost into a cheap compost bin in your backyard.

If you have a large backyard, keep your compost bin as far away from your house as possible. An enclosed bin with a lid is the most preferred. An open bin will attract wildlife to your property, including rodents. When the time comes, spread the compost in your garden, and you will have scrumptious vegetables come harvest time.

So What are the Best Compost Pails Available?

There are a few questions you may need to ask yourself before purchasing or making compost pails or bins. How much space do you have in your backyard for a compost bin? How much compost will you be producing?

Let’s take a look at the different bins available for those who are “green” composters and for those avid seasoned composting individuals.

Plastic Compost Bins

Of course always look for plastic compost bins that are made of 100% recycled material! Plastic compost pails tend to be smaller in size and ideal for those who wish to compost leaves and some of their food.

I love that the plastic compost bins have a locking lid that keeps out unwanted visitors and they are widely available to purchase at any gardening/hardware store. There is a downside to plastic compost bins. Because of the plastic sides they tend to lack air circulation.

My Favorite Plastic Compost Container

Homemade Compost Bins

Believe it or not these have better air circulation than other compost bins you can purchase at the store. It is quite easy to turn the material and most homemade bins are large and store plenty of material.

The only downside to homemade bins is the time it takes to build one and that rodents have easy access to these open bins. To solve this problem, use a plastic container for kitchen scraps and your homemade bin for backyard compost.

If you are looking to save some money this is a great way to have a compost bin for cheap.

How To Build A Compost Bin

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