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The Best Way to Compost Leaves

Fall comes, and a leaf falls from the tree. It lies on the ground underneath the tree, turning from orange and red to brown and eventually black. After turning black, the leaf decays and becomes part of the ground that surrounds the tree. Over time, the decayed leaf sinks into the ground and is absorbed by the tree through its roots. The leaf then comes to life again in the form of a new leaf.

Compost is not something that was invented by humans. If fact, it was around long before man ever walked the Earth. It is part of the natural cycle of death and rebirth. If you are new to gardening, and you would like to know the best way to compost leaf litter, read on.

compost leaves

How To Compost Leaves

First off, the leaves aren’t going to get to the garden on their own. They will need to be raked and transported to the garden. You could simply dump the leaves whole in the garden, but they may blow away and whole leaves can take some time to decompose.

If you have a wood chipper, mulch the leaves into tiny pieces. This can also be done with a lawnmower with a side bag. Once you have your leaves in tiny pieces, rake them throughout the garden.

If you don’t have a wood chipper or a lawn mower with a side bag, you can still compost the leaves. Just make sure they stay wet. Wet leaves will decompose at a much faster rate than dry ones. Burying the leaves in the dirt, or tilling them into the garden with a tiller should work in principle, but the leaves can clog up the tiller blades. You don’t want to have too many leaves in one spot in the garden; they need to be spread out evenly.

Another option is to burn the leaves and spread the ash. Never do this on a windy day, or on a day that exceptionally dry. It’s best to do this with a fire pit that has a screen attached to it, because burning leaves have a tendency to want to spread. Always do this with a water hose or a fire extinguisher nearby.

You will find that leaves make excellent compost, and your garden will grow bigger and your vegetables will be tastier when you use the leaves as compost.

Video On Composting Leaves

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