Compost Bin Designs

Compost Bin Designs – Choose the right one for your garden

Do you want to start a compost but not sure which bin to use, well for me it was basically choose the cheapest and the one that I thought would work the best. We have two compost bins, one is where we put the scraps until it becomes full and the other we let break down until it is ready for use again. They each cost around $30, so weren’t expensive but if you are a keen gardener then you will probably need something a bit bigger to cope with the quantity of garden refuse you are generating.

compost bin designs simple plastic

You will have to excuse the mess but it is a chicken yard after all, having chickens at home is another great green idea but we’ll come to that later on. The compost bin on the right I’ve left open so it breaks down quicker with a bit of winter rain. This type can be purchase either from EBAY or from the main hardware chains, it comes flat packed and takes around 15 minutes to put together.

Back Porch Compost Tumbler

Back Porch Compost Tumbler

The great thing about this design is that it produces compost quickly in around 6-8 weeks if you turn regularly, it’s also vermin proof and shouldn’t smell. It’s designed for smaller back yards, holding around 35 gallons and can be wheeled around.

Compost Barrel

Envirocycle compost barrel

Similar to the back porch compost tumbler, but larger at around 50 gallons, the compost barrel isn’t designed to be moved around easily but once again will create compost quickly. With this design you can either purchase already made or if you’re looking for that cheaper option you can make your own compost bin using an old 44 gallon drum and add two large old tires at each end to make it easier to rotate. The one we have pictured above is the Envirocycle Composter barrel and costs around $150. If you are still after more compost bin designs try checking this “Building your Own Composting Bin” document out that was produced by the Californian government to assist with composting.


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