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Tire Recycle

How to Recycle Tires:

Tire Recycle – The first time I had ever had any experience with someone who liked to recycle used tires was about twenty years ago. A farmer I had done some work for collected used tires and burnt them in his wood burning stove.

In the winter, there was always a thick cloud of very black smoke coming from his chimney. I don’t recommend recycling your used tires in this way. I don’t think it’s legal, and all that black smoke can’t be good for the environment.

tire recycle;recycle tires

Have you always thought about building your own green home away from the city, well what about building an Earthship using old tires (as pictured above), not only are you doing something useful with unwanted tires but you are building a sustainable home that is very well insulated from the elements.

There are other ways you can take care of tire disposal and tire recycle. A neighbor of mine has some tires in his yard that he uses for flower pots. Just take a tire, fill it with dirt and plant your flowers. The tires will keep you from having an unfortunate accident with your lawn mower, and your flowers will be safe.

Another way to recycle used tires is to use them to grow potatoes. Put the seed potatoes inside the used tire, and throw dirt over top of it. When the potato plants sprout up, place another tire on the top of the one with dirt on it, and fill it with dirt. Repeat this process two more time during the growing season, and when the time is right remove the tires and dig out your potatoes.

Used tires can be a problem. Many landfills won’t take them because tires have a large volume of dead space that can fill with gas, which can cause the tires to rise to the surface. Uncovered tires that sit on your property can fill with water and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

But suppose you have a stockpile of tires and you don’t like the idea of using them as flower pots and gardening just isn’t your thing. What is the best method for tire disposal and recycle? The method I have always used is to give the tire to the tire shop whenever I have a tire replaced. IT usually only costs a couple of bucks extra, and the tire dealers have access to the tire companies who can retread them. Used tires are sometimes used as road pavement as well.

There are other creative things to do with old tires. The following are some videos I found. Some may interest you, and some may just make you giggle.

Tire Recycling 101 – What Happens to Our Tires ?

Make Sandals out of an Old Tire

Turning Old Tires into Crumb Rubber

Do you have any interesting tips or suggestions that you have used to tire recycle that you’d like to share? Please Contact Us by just clicking the link.

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Recycle Plastic Grocery Bags!

Recycle Plastic Grocery Bags: – Paper or plastic ?. A very common question asked by your local grocery bagger. Paper is always my bag of choice because of it’s recycling ease. Actually, fabric bags are really the way to go. Regardless of what bag you choose, be aware of opportunities to recycle those used plastic grocery bags.

Did you know that each year America uses 100 billion plastic bags? And, out of those 100 billion bags, only 1-3% of them actually get recycled! Unfortunatly, this means the remainder of those bags are going to a landfill somewhere, and it takes 1,000 years for a plastic bag to decompose. So, what can we do?

Recycle Plastic Grocery Bags

1. Plastic bags are 100% recycleable and can be thrown into your recycle bin. Check with your local curbside recycling program to double check.

2. Our local grocery stores have a drop off recycling program. Make sure the bags are type 2 or type 4 plastics. There should be a visible number on the bag itself. Look for the in store recycling bins for plastic and reusable shopping bags. If your store does not offer this service … push for it!

3. Use or plastic bags for trash can liners. This saves money and that bags gets an extra use before being recycled.

4. Reuse your own bags at your local grocery store. Clean out your bags and make sure you have them available at check out.

5. Use your plastic bags as mailing filler to protect your goods. This can prevent your merchandise from shifting in the box.

These are just a few ways to recycle plastic grocery bags. Be creative, but more importantly be aware now of using the bags life to its fullest or don’t use them at all.

Don’t Recycle – Think Precycle!!

If you have any additional great tips for ways for bag recycling, or alternatively have any questions relating to how to recycle plastic grocery bags, please Contact Us by simply clicking the link!

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Recycle Plastic

Recycle Plastic: – Recycling plastic is easy, it just looks hard!

Perhaps this New Year you are going to make the resolution to live greener by recycling your cans, cardboard, and plastic.

When you recycle, you are helping the environment because it takes less energy to reformat something that already exists than it does to make something from scratch.

how to Recycle Plastic
There are different types of plastic, and some types are more common and easier to recycle than others. You can tell apart the different types of plastic by looking at the plastic code number imprinted at the bottom of the plastic container. You will find it in the middle of a triangle that is made up of three arrows. The numbers go from one to seven, and each number corresponds with a different type of plastic. Don’t worry, you don’t need to remember the scientific names of the plastic, just the numbers.

Take Four Minutes Out To Watch This Video……

Plastic Recycling Codes

What Do The Numbers Mean ?

1. Number One is a common plastic used in water and soda bottles. It’s scientific name is polyethylene terephthalate, or PETE for short. Polyethylene terephthalate is used in the manufacturing of combs, sails, and car bumpers. However, the most common use of recyclable number one plastic is plastic bottles.

2. Milk jugs and detergent bottles are mostly made from Number Two plastic, which is called high-density polyethylene, or HDPE. Since Number one and number two plastic make up most of the consumer plastic purchases, most recycling centers take them.

3. Polyvinyl Chloride is the scientific name for plastic Number Three. You aren’t going to find many places that will accept number three, because it’s just not as common as numbers one and two. Number three plastic is used in automobile dashboards, pipes, and shower curtains.

plastic recycling codes
4. Number Four is a low-density polyethylene. There is not much of a demand for it at recycling centers, and most will not accept it. It is used for the thinner plastics like plastic wrap, sandwich bags, and the plastic your deli meat comes in.

5. Number Five is reserved for polypropylene, which make things like Tupperware. It doesn’t recycle very well, so most recycling centers won’t take it.

6. Styrofoam is Number Six, and it is widely accepted. So don’t just throw away your coffee cups, they might make up the insulation in your home someday.

7. Everything else gets a Number Seven. It’s rare to find plastic labeled with number seven, so if you find some maybe instead of throwing it away, you can display it in your living room as a conversation piece. (Just Kidding). I don’t know of any recycling centers that take number seven plastic, and if you do, you should count yourself lucky.

So remember, numbers 1, 2, and 6 are good for recycling, numbers 3, 4, and 7 not so much. Chances are, you are going to have more ones and twos than you are sixes, unless you are an extreme coffee drinker or you get a new appliance packed in styrofoam every week. So that makes it easy to save and separate the ones and twos, and the sixes for those special occasions.

So now that you know how easy it is to do, all you have to do now is just do it. An easy way is to get two trash cans, one for number one plastic, and another for number two plastic. When the recycle plastic bin gets full, you simply take them to the recycling center!

recycle plastic
Image Attributed to

A Great Video Clip……

If you have any great tips you employ to recycle plastic, or alternatively have any questions regarding the methods to recycle plastic please Contact UsORwould you like to add a green living article about some aspect of green living you are passionate about.

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Recycle Ink Cartridges

Recycle Ink Cartridges:

With hundreds of thousands of inkjet and laser printers in use daily worldwide, there can be over one million in the United States tossed annually. Landfills can be chocked full of inkjet cartridges and toner cartridges quite easily. If you recycle ink cartridges, and recycle toner cartridges you can help the planet “go green”.

Recycle Ink Cartridges - Easy Green Living

How to Recycle your Cartridges

One of the first and easiest things you can do to recycle the cartridges is to simply refill the old cartridges with new ink. There are a number of refill kits available on the market so that virtually any brand of printer you may have can benefit from the product. There are kits for black and color ink cartridges.

Along the same lines, many chain stores such as Staples, OfficeMax, and Walgreen’s have refill programs available. Some will offer to refill the empty cartridges you have for a certain fee, while others will offer money off the purchase price of your new ink cartridges.

Also, major manufacturers such as HP and Epson will include prepaid envelopes to place your old ink cartridges into to ship to their warehouses for refills. The cartridges that you send back to the manufacturers for recycling will be refurbished and refilled so that they may be resold again.

By going through this process, the savings for the company, the consumer, and the planet can be tremendously significant.

Manufacturers are the only ones who can recycle a cartridge more than once. If you go elsewhere, they need to be virgin (not previously recycled) ink cartridges.

Ink Cartridges & Charity?

Perhaps your school or church needs to put on a fund raiser for an event or outing. Or maybe you just need to have additional funds to keep everyday life running. One thing you can do is to collect ink cartridges to be recycled and recycle toner cartridges. There are several companies that offer this program, a wonderful company to go through is Recycle For Charity. There are firms that will pay anywhere from 10¢ to over $1.00 for a used ink cartridge. All you need to do is put the word out that you are collecting the cartridges from all major brands. The next step would be to ship the cartridges into the companies, postage paid, and checks will be cut for your organization. It’s something very simple that you can do that has unlimited potential allowing the fund raising drive to last as long as you need it to.

Have you ever wanted to contribute to the millions of charities through charitable donations, but you just do not have the means to do so? Something easy for you to do to accomplish this task is to save ink cartridges for charitable recycling. Again, Recycle For Charity offers this service. Businesses, organizations, and individuals alike can benefit from this venture. You would handle the collection as you would for fund raising, shipping the ink cartridges in for refills. Instead of the company cutting you a check, they would cut a charity the check. Some recycle companies will have specific charities that they support, others will allow you to choose.

I think it is a fantastic idea to take a little bit of our time to do the small things, and recycling your ink cartridges is one of them. :)

Heres a great video about how to recycle ink cartridges

If you have any additional great tips for how to recycle ink cartridges, recycle toner cartridges, or you have questions relating to how to recycle ink cartridges or recycle toner cartridges, please Contact Us by just clicking the link!.

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Recycle Metal

How to Recycle Metal:

There are many reasons why you should be recycling metal, but right now, the most obvious one is that if you aren’t, you’re losing serious money.

The growing economies in China and India have increased a global demand for scrap metal, and when demand goes up, the price goes up as well.

Recycle Metal

I recently sold an old van with 300,000 miles on it for 200 dollars. I felt a little guilty, because the van need a lot of work, until my cousin told me the van probably could have fetched me $400 in scrap metal alone, and that is probably what the purchaser is going to do with it.

Besides the money factor, recycle metal means that less metal needs to be taken from strip mines. Metal is found in rocks. The rocks are mined, crushed, and treated with chemicals that help extract the metal from the rocks. This costly process leaves toxic byproducts and pollutes the Earth. It is much easier and it makes much more sense to use the scrap metal that is already extracted.

The most recycled metal in the world is aluminum, and it is mostly recycled in the form of aluminum cans. Recycling just one aluminum can saves enough energy to power a television for 3 hours, and aluminum can be recycled over and over again. It’s very easy for aluminum to be reformed, and once you drop off your cans, they can be recycled and back on the shelves in as little as 60 days. Recently, I took three regular sized trash bags full of crushed aluminum cans to the recycling center, and they gave me 13 dollars for them!

Recycling Scrap Metal

It’s easy to recycle metal. For scrap metal, simply load it into the back of a pickup truck and take it to a recycling center. If you don’t have a access to a pickup truck, simply look in the classified area of your local paper for people who want scrap metal. They will come to your home and haul it away for you. This also works for any old cars you want to get rid of.

If you want to eliminate the middleman and receive the maximum amount of money for your junk car yourself, look in the yellow pages for a place that junks cars. When you find a place close to your home, call them for an idea of what kind of money you can expect, check with some local towing services about hauling the car there.

Recycle Aluminum Cans

If you want to know how to recycle aluminum cans, it’s easy. All you need is a separate receptacle for aluminum cans, and a can crusher. The can crusher can be found in most hardware stores, and what it does is compact the can so that you will be able to store more in your aluminum receptacle, as well as get your weight up. When you are done with an aluminum can, simply crush it and put it in your aluminum receptacle. When your receptacle gets full, simply pull out the trash bag, and start over again. When you get enough bags full of cans, take them to your recycling center.

So as you can see, recycling metal is fun, easy, and can be profitable. Once you get in the habit of doing it, you will wonder why you didn’t do it before. If you have any interesting tips about any aspect of how to recycle metal, or alternatively any questions regarding how to recycle metal, please Contact Us by just clicking the link!

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Recycle Earth

Glass RecycleRecycle PlasticRecycle PaperRecycle Metal

Recycle Earth – The Earth’s resources are limited, so we need to Reduce Reuse Recycle.

Definition: Verb 1. Recycle – to reprocess (something already used) for further use: public demand for recycled paper2. to pass (a substance) through a system again for further use. Take from The Free Dictionary.

Why We Should Recycle !

1. Allow manufacturers to re-use their products and therefore cut down on using other valuable raw resources.

2. Costs all of us less than the regular way of collecting and disposing of trash.

3. Saves a ton of energy. Often times it takes less energy to process the recycled items than the raw materials to make the same items.

4. HAS provided numerous jobs in the industry.

If The Kid’s Understand It Why Don’t We ??

Recycle Earth Tips

• Learn what should be recycled and what should go in “the can.”

• Be familiar with the location of your local recycling centers.

• Mark some bins for your recycled items along with Environmentally Friendly Bags and place them in a convenient location. The less travel distance, the more likely you’ll recycle.

So…grab a piece of paper, recycled paper that is, and take some recycle notes!

reduce carbon footprint ebook

Living Green

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6. Recycle Computers – Information on why we should recycle our old computers. AND how to save money by purchasing a refurbished one.

7. Recycle Tires – Information on what to do with your old auto tires. There are many uses for tires and its important we don’t just throw them in our garbage.

8. Recycle Cell Phones – Information on the importance of not throwing your old cell phone in the trash! There are many ways we can recycle our old and used cell phones.

9. Recycle Your Batteries – Information on how to recycle batteries and the importance of recycling your old car and alkaline batteries.

10. Recycle Greeting Cards – 7 billion greeting cards are purchased every year. Help keep your greeting cards our of the landfill by recycling them or giving to charity.

11. Recycle Cat Litter – Information on ways to recycle what you cat leaves behind. A liter box full of possible parasites and smelly cat litter.

12. Recycle Light Bulbs – Information on the importance of not throwing our old compact fluorescent bulbs in the trash.

13. Recycle Plastic Grocery Bags – This is so important for our environment. It takes 1,000 years for a plastic bag to decompose. Don’t contribute to this problem, recycle!

14. Recycle Unwanted Christmas Gifts – Tips & suggestions of how to get rid of thos Christmas presents that EVERYBODY gets but NOBODY wants!!

If you have any great tips about how to recycle Earth, or have any questions regarding how to recycle Earth, please Contact Usorwould you like to add a green living article about some aspect of green living you are passionate about.

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Need Help with Recycling

We get requests from people around the world that need help with recycling. “Where can I buy supplies for our waste styrofoam business?” ; “Looking to see if anyone will pay for recycled paper in my area?”Can you help out or you might know someone who can.This is the place to share your recycling experiences & tips!!

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Recycle Computers

Why Recycle Computers?:

In the US especially, computers are ubiquitous and almost everyone has them. The problem is, computers also wear out, or people simply want “newer and better.” That leaves a lot of older computers that are still perfectly good, or computer parts that could be used elsewhere, in landfills when they could be put to good use. One solution to this is to recycle computers.

Recycle Computers - Easy Green Living

A Number of Reasons to Recycle Your Computer

1. It’s environmentally friendly to do so and may even be illegal in your area to simply “dump” old computers you don’t want to use anymore. You can check local ordinances to make sure this is legal, but even if it is, why not do something better by recycling yours?

2. Even computers that have “died” and can’t be used anymore in their entirety have parts that are valuable. There are many small computer businesses that take working parts of existing computers and build “new” computers that they then sell for a small profit. In addition, there is at least one major computer manufacturer that accepts old computers for no additional charge when you purchase a new computer from them. It will even pick old computers up from your house at no extra charge when they deliver your new one. One caveat with this is that you make sure any sensitive data is wiped off of hard drives since they don’t guarantee the safety of any personal data, etc., that you leave on them (even “dead” hard drives can have data taken off of them, so make sure hard drives are completely wiped free of any data before you give away computers).

3. A computer that still works perfectly fine but that may be too “old” for your uses can be used by someone else who doesn’t need the absolute latest in technology. Many local charities and even some schools are grateful to accept older model but good condition computers that you don’t want anymore.

4. You might just benefit yourself from someone else’s recycled computer. If you’re someone who doesn’t need the latest in technology, you can buy a perfectly fine refurbished computer from a local computer dealer for very little money, sometimes for as little as $100. Especially with a desktop computer, it’s very easy to plug in a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and you’re good to go. Laptops, of course, will usually need to come with these peripherals already included. Nonetheless, unless you’re someone who must absolutely be on the cutting edge of technology, older computers can provide you exactly what you need to keep in touch via e-mail, track of your finances, or do word processing and Excel functions, etc., without missing a beat.

5. Parts can be cheaper if you get them used, too. Depending on the setup of your current computer and the ability of the motherboard to accept new technology, it can be quite easy to update your processor or random access memory and get yourself a “new” computer for very little money. Where do these parts come from? That’s right; recycled computers.

6. It’s possible to make a little money yourself if you like to work on computers and know how to refurbish them. Investigate the possibility of opening up your own little shop, whereby you can accept nonworking or older model computers and use them to put together refurbished computers that you can then sell for a small profit. It’s a good business to get into if you’re good with computers, and you can help people save money even as you make some yourself. (One note here is that it’s true that computer chips do have small amounts of valuable metals in them, but the amount is so small that you shouldn’t expect to make any money from extracting this metal unless you literally expect to gather hundreds to thousands of pounds of these chips and then spend most of your time and money extracting bits of precious metals from them. It’s a tedious and laborious process, and it’s not really worth it. Make your money from selling refurbished computers instead.)

So do yourself and the environment a favor and don’t toss that old computer when you’re ready to upgrade to a new one. Instead, look for local businesses or charities in your area that recycle computers; there are many, and they will take your old computer, refurbish it, and give it to someone else who can use it, instead of having it end up gathering dust in your basement or worse yet, in a landfill.

And if you’re in the market for a “new” computer and you don’t need the latest in technology, why not consider getting a recycled computer? You’ll save yourself some money and will still have everything you need to get online or get work done. What could be better? So, go ahead…. recycle computers.

A Great Video Clip on Recycling Computers

If you have any additional great tips about how to recycle computers, or alternatively you have questions about how to recycle computers, please Contact Us by just clicking the link!

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How to Recycle Cell Phones

Recycle Cell Phones or mobile phones as they are called in some countries:

As we become more technologically advanced, a big problem that we are running into is E-waste. Cell Phones are rapidly catching up to computer parts as the number one culprit of E-waste, and it is a shame because it is unnecessary. Cell phones can be recycled any number of ways.

recycle mobile phonerecycle mobile phonerecycle mobile phoneRecycle Cell PhonesRecycle Cell PhonesRecycle Cell Phones

Cell phones contain many toxins, one of which is mercury. Mercury is a heavy metal, and if it is soaked through the skin or ingested, it will cause brain damage.

Also cell phones contain rare earth minerals that are becoming very valuable, so we should recycle them and not throw away.

When people throw away something as small as a cell phone, even if the trash company has a policy of not accepting them, they are not likely to find one at the bottom of a trash can.

If the cell phone is taken to a landfill along with the rest of the trash, over a period of time it can leak mercury into the soil, and it may eventually get into the water supply.

Of course, it would be a small amount from one cell phone, but all the cell phones across the world that get thrown away could turn out to be a problem. I am of the mind that any mercury in the soil or water is too much.

So What Should You Do With Your Old Phone?

If possible be frugal, try to get another 6 months use or even a year or two out of your old cell phone, do you really need the latest and greatest?

Never, ever, throw away a cell phone. Find someone in your family who doesn’t have a cell phone, and present it to them as a gift. Cell phones can be reformatted with new numbers, and whoever you give it to will be grateful for the gift.

If you don’t have anyone in the family that you would like to give your old cell phone to, after you have had your number deleted try giving it away to charity. Phones 4 Charity makes it easy for you to donate your old cell phone for recycling to charity. Your cell phone will be refurbished and put to good use. Recycled phones are sent to other countries and areas in the United States where there is a need for cell phones. I think this is a pretty neat route to go! Imagine what we could do with 800 million retired phones sitting in drawers and cabinets across the world? Someone less fortunate than your self would be thrilled to have a cell phone of their very own. Also the Goodwill or the Salvation Army will be happy to accept your cell phone donation. Even if your cell phone is out of date.

If you don’t feel comfortable giving your old cell phone to goodwill or the Salvation Army, know that many electronics retailers like Radio Shack and Office Depot accept them.

Need some extra cash? There is a great site called Cell For Cash! You can get cash for your old phones in three easy steps. First you find your phone in their phone list, then you submit your information, and last but not list send your phone. Before you know it you will receive a check in the mail. This is a pretty cool deal! It’s time we take some personal responsibility for the things we throw away that end up in landfills, and recycling your cell phone is a good place to start. So, Please recycle cell phones…

A great video on why we should recycle old cell phones

Recycle mobile phone? – If you have any tips about how to recycle cell phones or alternatively have questions regarding how to recycle cell phones, please Contact Us by just clicking the link!

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Recycle Christmas Cards

Recycle Christmas Cards: – It’s incredible, every year 7 billion greeting cards that are purchased in the US each year are discarded, unfortunately landfill is usually the final destination for these 7 billion greeting cards. So, I say let’s do our part and recycle our holiday greetings.

Yes it’s incredible, every year 7 BILLION!! greeting cards that are purchased in the US each year end up as landfill.

Recycle Christmas Cards

Deck the halls with an overflow of Christmas cards. Don’t get me wrong, the more the merrier, but finding a place for the greeting cards before and after Christmas can be a chore. Not to mention cards are made out of paper, paper, and more paper. So, how can you recycle Christmas cards? There are several options available…

1. I’m a huge advocate of Recycling Paper After Christmas is over, discard the greeting cards into your paper recycling bin. Of course, hang on to the ones that have adorable pictures of your nieces and nephews on them.

2. My Grandmother, although very thrifty but eco-conscious as well, always used her leftover Christmas cards as postcards for the following year. She would cut off the front portion of the card on write on the blank space on the other side. It was actually always a delight to get a recycled Christmas postcard from Grandma.

3. Every year I try to make my own gift tags. They give a little extra something to the package. This year, I used my old Christmas cards to save me time and money. By cutting them into different shapes, each one had a different look. Cut our your desired image, punch a hole, and tie a ribbon through the hole. It is very simple to do.

4. Another great way to recycle your old Christmas cards is to make decoupaged placemats on heavy duty card stock. I paste pictures and images that I cut out from the cards and cover them in decoupage glue. Wait for them to dry and you will have beautiful personal holiday placemats.

5. Charities are always near and dear to my heart. There are a few charities that recycle Christmas cards as well as a few charities that will benefit from purchasing a recycled Christmas card.

A great video full of home recycling ideas!

Charities that Recycle Christmas Cardscolor>

1. I love St. Jude’s organizations for kids. So needless to say, I will find any way possible to help out when I can. They have a very successful program called St. Jude’s Card Recycling. The children at St. Jude earn money by creating new holiday cards from old. They also are able to learn about the importance of “going green.” The best p art about this program is out ability to purchase their recycled Christmas cards. For more information you can visit St. Jude’s Ranch website.

2. Cards For Causes is a wonderful online store that you can purchase your recycled greeting cards from. They will turn around and donate 20% of their sales to a charity of your choice.

3. Green Charity Cards will also donate 10% of each card sold to an organization that preserves the rain forest.

This year, make a very earth conscious decision by purchasing recycled cards and recycling those cards after the holidays are over.
If you have got some great ideas of your own about how to recycle Chrismas cards, or you have questions regarding how to recycle Christmas cards, please Contact Us by just clicking the link!

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Recycle Cat Litter

Recycle Cat Litter:

“Would you believe me if I told you that there is more cat litter in landfills than diapers!”

That is mainly because it is not easy to recycle. In fact, we have to be very careful with how we go about recycling it because of the parasites that are found in cat feces.

Recycle Cat Litter - Green Living

Ways NOT to Recycle

1. As compost in the garden. Again, you do not want parasites mixed with your growing tomatoes.

2.Throw it in your recycling bin. The clay that is used for making cat litter can harm the environment.

Ways to Recycle Cat Litter

1. Do you have unwanted holes in your asphalt driveway? Well, you can fill those holes with cat litter.

2. Have a poison Ivy problem around you home? Cat litter, without the clumps, has been known to kill poison ivy.

There really does not seem to be many ways to recycle used cat litter. is the trusted source for your dog's natural health care.

You can opt to use environmentally friendly cat litter such as:

1. Wood Pellets – Ones that are used for wood stoves.

2. Recycled paper (shredded if possible) – Does not leave a smell behind.

3. Pine Shavings – Very inexpensive.

4. Or you can opt to just toilet train your cat!!:)

Another option may be to install a cat door which allows your cat to go outside to the toilet.

If you have additional tips on this subject of recycling, or alternatively you have questions about how to recycle kitty litter, please Contact Us by just clicking the link!

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