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Who Makes Hybrid Cars ?

Who Makes Hybrid Cars?:

You may have heard about Hybrid cars and you are wondering where you can find them for sale. After all, to someone not familiar with cars may think that the term refers to a manufacturer or a particular brand model.

The truth is the term hybrid car refers to an automobile that is powered by both gasoline and electricity. Hybrid cars have been around almost as long as cars have existed, but they really didn’t catch the public’s eye until about ten years ago. So who makes hybrid cars?

who makes hybrid cars

Toyota Hybrids

who makes hybrid cars

The best known manufacturer of hybrid cars is Toyota. When Toyota unveiled the Prius over a decade ago, it was billed as the future of automobiles.

It was expected to be so popular that other manufacturers would soon follow suite, and gasoline powered engines would become a thing of the past. This still might prove true, but it hasn’t happened yet.

One problem with the original Prius was that it severely lacked power and occupant space. It didn’t help that dealership owners, who would never pass up a chance to earn a few extra bucks at the cost of alienating the public, would charge as high as ten grand over sticker price.

For the most part, the public viewed it as a gimmick car with an unproven technology that would cause them problems later on down the road. Ten years later has shown it to be a good reliable car, and it has paved the way for the hybrid versions of the Camry and Highlander that are one the market today.

How Cool is This!!


Honda Hybrids

who makes hybrid cars

Honda Motors saw the potential of a hybrid car market, and put out the Insight shortly after Toyota came out with the Prius.

The Insight was also an underpowered three door hatchback that was wanting for occupant space. It really didn’t differ too much from the Prius, so it did just about as well.

These cars were both bold steps in innovation, and they led to outstanding hybrid cars on the market today. Unlike its earlier version, the Insight now offers 5 doors. Honda now also produces the Honda Civic Hybrid.

Ford Hybrids

who makes hybrid cars

Ford jumped on the Hybrid car bandwagon after the gasoline price spike in the mid 2000s with the Ford Escape Hybrid.

Finally, there was an SUV that gets good fuel economy. It had plenty of zip, passenger room, and cargo space.

Sadly, dealers charged over sticker price in these early days. It seems the compulsion to make a few extra bucks at the expense of the environment made no distinction between import and domestic dealers.

Thankfully, those sad days are long behind us. (At least on Hybrid cars they are). The Escape Hybrid led the way for the Fusion Hybrid, which is one of if not the sharpest looking hybrid cars on the market today.

These aren’t the only manufacturers that make hybrid cars, but they are the most famous. General motors has a few hybrids. In fact, they offered a hybrid Buick way back in 1972! The answer to the question “Who makes Hybrid cars?” is “almost everyone who produces cars.”

If you are interested in a model that is not listed here, simply type the word hybrid next to your favorite manufacturer into a search engine, and you will see what kind of hybrid car that particular manufacturer produces. I hope now you have a good idea of who makes hybrid cars!
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Hybrid Tax Credit

How Much is a Hybrid Tax Credit?

Update Feb 2011: the Hybrid Tax Credit has now finished as of 31 Dec 2010. Electric Vehicles now offer a federal tax credit of up to $7,500, see our sister site here for electric car prices.

It’s tax time again. I should know! At this time of year I live and breath tax returns. :) Yes, I’m a CPA. So, this is my niche of expertise. I’m sure most of you have heard of the tax credits given to hybrid car owners, but you might be wondering how much the tax credit is for? The answer is, it depends on what kind of hybrid vehicle you own.

The I.R.S Publication 17, for use in preparing 2008 tax returns gives us the following in chapter 37, page 253.

“Generally, for a qualified alternative fuel vehicle, and advanced lean burn technology vehicle, or a qualified hybrid vehicle, you can rely on the manufacturer’s (or in the case of a foreign manufacturer, it’s domestic distributor’s) certification that a specific make, model, and model year vehicle qualifies for the credit and the maximum amount of the credit for which it qualifies.”

In other words, the I.R.S is saying “don’t ask us, ask the automobile manufacturer.” This is because the more hybrid vehicles the manufacturer sells, the less amount you will receive in the form of a tax credit. Think of it as something of a rebate, only one that comes from the government.

Large rebates are used to help move cars that aren’t selling very well, and once the vehicle starts selling the rebate is reduced. The I.R.S. wants you to ask the manufacturer because they have handier access to their sales figures. To get the maximum amount of the credit, buy your hybrid early in the year. (Note: The tax credit is only good for new cars.)

Remember, year model vehicles don’t correlate release dates with actual dates. New year models generally come out in the summer of the previous year, and if the vehicle is a new design altogether, they may even come out before that. For an updated list on what vehicles receive what credit, To receive the credit, you must file I.R.S. form 8911 with your tax return. Your tax preparer should have one available, and if you file your taxes yourself, you can find the form at most post offices or you can simply download it from the internet.

Receiving a tax credit can be an incentive to buy a hybrid car, but if it’s late in the year for the model you want, and your tax credit is reduced, remember there are other good reasons to purchase a hybrid. They use less gas, which reduces our dependence on foreign oil, and they are better for the environment, of which we have only one. ]]>For more hybrid information like hybrid tax credit click

hybrid cars.

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Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Cars: Definition: Noun 1. Hybrid – an animal or plant resulting from a cross between two different types of animal or plant.

hybrid carshybrid carshybrid carshybrid cars 2. anything that is a mixture of two different thingsAdjective – of mixed origin: a hybrid electric car [Latin hibrida] taken from:  The Free Dictionary

There is so much to know before converting either your existing car to a hybrid, for example, when you install a Hydrogen Generator it is turning your car into a hydrogen hybrid, or before you go out & trade your existing car in for a “new generation” hybrid vehicle.

It seems like the car industry exploded with hybrid transportation just in the nick of time. We are more concerned with the environment AND the gas prices are unpredictable, to say the least. Hopefully after doing your research you can make an informed decision when decided between a hybrid and a non hybrid mode of transportation.

hybrid cars

Choosing Alternative Fuel

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All About Hybrids…..


1. Hybrid Vehicle Facts Six interesting facts about hybrid vehicles.

2. How Do Hybrid Vehicles Work? Information on how hybrids operate.

3. Pros and Cons of Hybrid Cars – Information on the benefits of driving a hybrid vehicle, along with the minimal disadvantages.

4. Hybrid Vehicle History – Information on the time line of hybrids, and how they’ve evolved.

5. Hybrid Vehicle Tax Break – Information on the financial benefits of purchasing a hybrid vehicle.

6. Hybrid Vehicle Sales Statistics – Information on why hybrid vehicles are not flying off the market.

7. Who Makes Hybrid Cars – Information on which car companies are making hybrids.

hybrid cars

Hybrid cars are not the only way to help save our environment. Electric cars are giving people something to talk about. So what is the buzz about electric powered cars? Investigate your favorite brands here…Clean Green Electric Cars?

Read about the next step: All Electric Cars

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Hybrid Car Sales Statistics

Hybrid Car Sales Statistics: – Remember Hybrid Cars?

Hybrid Car Sales Statistics

Hybrid Car Sales Statistics

A few years ago hybrid cars were being touted as the saviors of both the car industry and the environment. But Hybrid cars sales exerienced a rapid decline in March 2008, and hybrid sales were not performing to their expectations. If you were to guess that sales are off due to the stabilization of fuel prices, you would only be partly correct.

To believe that the sales drop has been due to fuel prices alone, you would have to assume that Americans are fickle. They follow fads and look to the present with no imagination towards the future. I believe that this is true in some cases, but it is a simplistic generalization.

Hybrid car sales statistics have just hit a new peak in March 2012 (at around 48,000 units), at a time when fuel prices are at around four dollars per gallon. Hybrid car sales are now running at over 3% of all car sales compared to a couple of years ago the hybrid percentage was just over 2% of all cars sold.

If you’re wondering why the 2011 hybrid sales figures below dipped to as low as 1.2% of all car sales, it was due to lack of supply after the Japanese Tsunami of March 2011 damaged or destroyed Toyota and other car manufacturing plants.

Hybrid Car Sales Statistics 2011

Note: Numbers are in thousands unless stated otherwise.
JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec             Hybrid Sales units19.523.334.124.816.312.719.621.217.620.126.131.1Toyota Prius10.613.518.612. of Total car sales2.             Total vehicle sales (millions)0.820.991.


Hybrid Car Sales Statistics 2010

Note: Numbers are in thousands unless stated otherwise.JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec             Hybrid Sales units17.216.523.323.728.221.723.824. Prius8.58.011.812.614. of Total car sales2.             Total vehicle sales6987801,0669821,1039841,0509979599508731,115

Back in 2008 I believe the economic crisis had more to do with the decline of hybrid car sales than the price of fuel per gallon. Not only were hybrid car sales declining, all car sales declined. Financial uncertainty led to many people keeping there autos past a time when they would have turned them in. Hybrid cars tend to be more durable and they have such a high customer loyalty rating that hybrid car owners hold onto their cars much longer than their peers. To know that this is true all you need to do is search your local used car lots for hybrid cars. Chances are you aren’t going to find many.

Hybrid car owners tend to be people who are into technological advances. Hybrid car technology hasn’t changed too much since 2006. When hybrid cars first came out, dealers would sometimes charge as much as 10 grand over sticker due to the cars being a novelty. Some people who might have been interested in a hybrid car saw the over sticker price, shook their heads, and bought cars that were powered by a gasoline engine. When they come back to the dealership to purchase a new car, often hybrid cars are not even considered because they believe that dealerships are still charging the outrageous prices for them. The manufacturers and dealers have done a horrendous job of letting the public know that those days of charging 10k over sticker and taking a credit application before allowing a test drive on a hybrid car are long gone.

Now the economy is starting to improve the sales of hybrid cars are rising and rising fast. Fuel prices will also go up, as rising fuel prices are a sign of a robust economy. Instead of waiting for this incremental sales increase manufacturers and dealers need to get the word out that hybrid cars aren’t that much more expensive than other cars when you count the savings, and they need to keep improving on the technology. If this is coupled with a growing public conscious over the environment, hybrid car sales will not only increase, they will continue to gain ground on the regular gasoline powered cars.

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Hybrid Car Facts

Six Fun Hybrid Car Facts:

Hybrid Car Facts - Easy Green Living

1. The first hybrid car was built in the nineteenth century! It was developed by Ferdinand Porsche, while he worked for the Lohner car company in 1899. Porsche went on to start his own car company, which is still in existence today. Many types of hybrid cars were frequent when the automotive industry was in its infancy. When oil was discovered in Texas, and gasoline became cheap to produce, hybrid cars went into hibernation for almost fifty years. Hybrid vehicles have an Entire History to Them! 2. Hybrid car sales have doubled in just 6 years. Due to rising fuel costs, sales of hybrid cars have doubled over the short period of 6 years. While sales have fallen somewhat over the past year (2008) due to the world wide economic crisis, sales still remain brisk and the market is expected to keep growing.

3. Many hybrid cars, like the Ford Escape Hybrid, have 10,000-mile oil change intervals. This is because the electric engine saves on the wear and tear of the gasoline engine.

4. Hybrid car buyers get a tax credit from the federal government. How much of a tax credit depends on what kind of hybrid you buy, and when you buy it. The earlier you buy a hybrid after its release date, the more money your credit will be. There is information on Hybrid Tax Credit. 5. Hybrid cars have very high customer satisfaction ratings. Customer satisfaction is determined by surveys filled out by the car owners. The majority of hybrid car owners are overwhelmingly satisfied with their vehicles.

6. The battery packs in most hybrid cars are powered by the brakes. When the brakes of a hybrid car are applied, the resulting energy is stored in the battery for later use. (Although there are some systems where the battery is charged by the motor itself, in an alternator type system.)

There is a huge demand for alternative fuel vehicles, and hybrid cars are leading the way. Auto manufacturers are under heavy pressure to develop more fuel-efficient cars, so we can expect many more hybrid cars to be produced. This will cut down on our energy usage, our dependence on foreign oil, and it will reduce the amount of pollution that is put in the air. As they become more plentiful, I expect hybrid cars to stabilize in price and increase in technology. ]]>If you have additional hybrid car facts or alternatively have questions regarding hybrid car facts, please Contact Us by just clicking the link!

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How Do Hybrid Cars Work?

How do Hybrid Cars Work?:

There are many misconceptions out there about how Hybrid cars work, and I would like to put a few of them to rest. The most common misconception I run into is that you need to leave the vehicle plugged into an electrical socket over night. The truth is, hybrid cars don’t even require a plug.
How Do Hybrid Cars Work - Easy Green Living

Hybrid Batteries

Hybrid cars have two engines, one electric and one gasoline. They sit side by side underneath the hood of the vehicle, and they work in tandem with each other. The electric motor is powered by a battery.

This is a different type of battery than the one that powers your headlights or starts your gasoline engine. It’s more like the type of battery that powers your calculator or watch, but much larger.

The battery is either recharged by the engine itself or the vehicles braking system. When you apply the brakes to a vehicle, brake pads press up against a disc, which causes friction, it’s what makes your vehicle slow down. This friction generates a fair amount of energy, which is why brakes are ventilated to help them cool.

In a hybrid vehicle, this friction energy is put back into the battery, which stores it for later. The more the brakes are used, the more energy the battery stores. This system makes city driving ideal for hybrids.

I’ve also heard concerns that the battery system in hybrids would be expensive to fix. The truth is, most manufacturers have long warranties on the batteries, which range from 10 years to life. The maintenance costs on hybrid cars aren’t any more than the cost of maintaining gasoline powered cars.

In hybrid cars, at low speeds (usually under 20-25 mph), the electric motor powers the drive train. In heavy stop and go traffic you will be constantly charging the battery, so you shouldn’t use a drop of fuel.

Electric motors are very quiet, so at stoplights, it will seem like the vehicle isn’t running. Once the vehicle reaches speeds over 20-25 mph, the gasoline engine will kick in, and it transitions in a way that is smooth and unobtrusive.

Remember, the more energy you use in a hybrid car, the more energy you are taking from the battery. If you are at a stop and you are running the headlights, air conditioner, radio, and a DVD player, don’t be surprised if the gasoline engine kicks on for a bit until you get going and start applying the brakes.

Expense of Hybrids

Hybrid cars do cost a bit more than gasoline powered cars, but you will save money on gasoline, and you will be putting less pollution into the air. You will also be reducing dependence on foreign oil. All in all, owning a hybrid has many benefits. So, how do hybrid cars work? Very, very efficiently.

A Great Hybrid Video Clip…….

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History Hybrid Car

Brief History Hybrid Car:

Do any of you know when the first hybrid car was introduced, and who designed it? The answer might just surprise you.

History Hybrid Car - Green LivingHistory Hybrid Car - Green LivingHistory Hybrid Car - Green LivingHistory Hybrid Car - Green Living

The First Hybrid Vehicle was made in 1899, by a young engineer named Ferdinand Porsche, and it was known as the Lohner Porsche. A petrol engine powered a generator that provided electricity to the four electric engines, which were placed in the wheel hubs. It had 7 horsepower, and was capable of speeds up to 30 miles per hour. This might seem sub-par by today’s standards, but remember this was a time where most people still used the horse to travel long distances.


There were a number of hybrid cars before the 1920’s, but the technology was pretty much abandoned in favor of gasoline powered engines. There are many contributing factors for this, roads were smoother and better than before, and internal combustion engines were better suited for long distance travel. Plus, the discovery of crude oil in Texas made gasoline more affordable.


The next hybrid vehicle of note came in 1969 with the General Motors XP-883. It had a two-cylinder combustion engine, and a DC electric engine. The batteries for the electric engine were recharged by plugging them into a regular wall outlet, and the vehicle was only capable of a top speed of 60 mph. Since most people didn’t want to carry a long extension cord to work, it proved impracticable.


A breakthrough for hybrid vehicles came in the year 1999 with the simultaneous launches of the Toyota Prius & the Honda Insight, these were the first modern hybrid cars to be sold in North America.

They both boasted a 70-horse power three-cylinder gasoline engine, and an electric motor that ran from batteries that were recharged from the braking systems. In 2000, gasoline prices shot through the roof, which lead to considerably higher sales for the hybrids.

Customers who wanted one were placed on a waiting list, and many had to pay well over the sticker price.


The success of the early Prius & Insight models brought a variety of hybrid cars from other manufacturers. In 2004, Ford released the 2005 Escape Hybrid.

Sport Utility vehicles enjoyed very high sales in the nineties, but higher gasoline prices coupled with a bad stigma caused a slow decline in sales that started soon after the turn of the century and continues to this day.

The Escape Hybrid allowed consumers to still have the versatility of an s.u.v, and have a gas miser as well. It was a crowning achievement in hybrid technology.


Today, the consumer has many choices in hybrid vehicles. They have grown from a novelty to a viable option. Hybrid cars will continue to Increase in Market Share, and the technology for How Hybrid Cars Work will just keep getting better!

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Advantages Disadvantages Hybrid Cars

Advantages disadvantages hybrid cars. Here are a few of the advantages vs. the disadvantages of hybrid cars.

Advantages of Hybrid Cars

Advantages Disadvantages Hybrid Cars

1. You won’t have to spend as much money on fuel. Hybrid cars have an electric motor as well as a gasoline engine. The gasoline engine is not engaged during low speeds, which saves money on your fuel costs.

2. Hybrid vehicles emit low emissions. Low emissions translate into less pollution.

3. You get a tax break when you purchase a hybrid car. The tax break differs from car to car, and the earlier you buy a hybrid, the higher your tax break is likely to be.

4. The technology will excite you. Every time I drive a hybrid car, I am fascinated with the technology behind them. Imagine sitting at a red light and you can’t hear your engine running. Basically, this is because your engine isn’t running.

5. You will get a good feeling driving a hybrid. Using less gasoline means less dependence on oil, which will help fuel prices stay low for everyone. Knowing that you aren’t putting as much pollution in the air is a good feeling as well.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

Advantages Disadvantages Hybrid Cars

1. Hybrids cost more money than their gasoline counterparts. This can be anywhere from 2,000 to 5,000 dollars. If you drive one long enough, you will make this money back up in fuel savings and your one time tax credit.

2. Maintenance on the electrical system must be done by a qualified professional. Most electrical systems on hybrid cars have a ten year to lifetime warranty, so it shouldn’t cost you any extra money. But if you like to work on cars yourself, unless you are a trained professional don’t try to tinker with it. The batteries hold a charge that you can’t turn off, and if you don’t know what you are doing you could electrocute yourself.

Advantages Disadvantages Hybrid Cars

Concerns About Hybrids

That’s pretty much it on the disadvantages, although I’ve read a couple of others on the net that are minimal disadvantages at best, and I would like to address them now.

1. Exposed wires can cause electrocution in an accident. Yes, this is possible, but when engineers design these cars, they take this into account. They are designed to have minimal wire exposure in the event of an accident.

2. Hybrid cars are underpowered. While they do tend to have a little less horsepower than their gasoline counterparts, but how much do you really need? I haven’t had any trouble making left hand turns on busy streets, and chances are you aren’t buying a hybrid to win a race or to haul your camper.

3. The technology is new and untested. About 5 years ago I would have agreed with this, but it is no longer the case. The Honda Insight debuted 9 years ago, and since that time many manufacturers have followed in it’s footsteps, improving the technology along the way.

I hope you found the information on advantages disadvantages hybrid cars useful in your hybrid decision.

For more information on hybrids click Hybrid Cars

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