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Health Benefits Primrose Oil

Health Benefits Primrose Oil: -The Health Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil.

There is a legend about the famous prophet Nostradamus. During a time when plague was devastating Europe, medical treatment was likely to speed along the dying process. Arcane practices like bleeding the patient or attaching leeches to infected areas interfered with the body’s natural healing process. Nostradamus went against the common wisdom of the time, and gave medicine made from flower petals to his patients. While most people infected with the plague died, the patients of Nostradamus recovered.

It’s unlikely that Nostradamus used the petals of the Primrose because it’s native to North and South America, but the oil from this flower has many medicinal uses. One such use is the treatment of eczema, a skin condition that causes the skin to itch and break out. In some cases, the dry skin breaks open and causes bleeding.

Severe Eczema can be a debilitating illness to those who suffer from it, and Evening Primrose Oil has been used to treat this illness for nearly eighty years.

Evening Primrose Oil has been known to relieve itching, and slow down rashes. Because we are talking about the oil of the Primrose, you might think that the oil is applied to the affected areas. Surprisingly, the benefit that comes from Evening Primrose Oil is best achieved when the oil is taken orally. Evening Primrose Oil has been known to relieve itching, and slow down rashes. There are many health benefits primrose oil.

Evening Primrose oil is rich in gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), which is an essential fatty acid. Whenever you read about something being “essential”, what this means is that it is not found naturally in the human body. GLA has very strong anti inflammatory properties, which is why it is a good, natural, treatment option against eczema.

Evening Primrose Oil may be beneficial in treating other skin and inflammatory diseases, like acne, diabetes, and arthritis. Not enough studies have been done concerning Evening Primrose Oil and the treatment of these other diseases to make a determination one way or the other, but it stands to reason that plant oil with anti inflammatory properties will help against inflammatory diseases.

In this day and age of health insurance nightmares and skyrocketing costs of health care, natural remedies that also have a value in terms of Nutrition & that have been around for a long time are starting to become popular again. In the cases of those with skin problems, Evening Primrose Oil is a viable and effective alternative.

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Health Medicinal Benefits of Garlic

There are two main health medicinal benefits of garlic. The first is:

Health Medicinal Benefits of Garlic - Easy Green Living

1. Garlic and High Blood Pressure

When I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure, I was prescribed medication from my family doctor. I don’t like the way the medication makes me feel. It makes me go to the bathroom every 20 minutes, and I go to bed two hours earlier at night than I used to, because the medication makes me drowsy.

This is especially not much fun for me during tax time. I get home late from work and want to spend time with my wife before I hit the sack. When I go back to the doctor next month, I am going to ask him about using garlic for lowering cholesterol, as well as ask him about garlic and high blood pressure. I’m on a quest to find all the health medicinal benefits of garlic.

When I first heard about Garlic being used to lower high blood pressure, for some reason I immediately thought about Dracula. I know this sounds absurd, but I am a fan of the old monster movies, and vampires were often warded off by garlic. There are several theories as to why vampires don’t like garlic, and I find it interesting that vampires drink blood, and garlic lowers your blood pressure.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in vampires but I do believe ancient superstitions are based on facts that our ancestors may have noticed. Perhaps one of them was that people who ate lots of garlic were healthier. Who knows?

Natural Organic Skincare

Medically Speaking

If high blood pressure is left untreated, it could lead to heart attack, stroke, and in men it is a leading cause of E.D. Since heart attacks and strokes can lead to death, leaving my high blood pressure untreated is not a viable option. However, I do not want to become dependent on big pharma for medication that is going to keep me alive, and I love the idea of a natural treatment. I don’t plan to stop taking the medication prescribed to me, but I am going to try to minimize it by consuming garlic.

Garlic does have a strong odor, and luckily, I have found that it comes in capsule form. I do like eating garlic on my Spaghetti, but I don’t plan to eat spaghetti every night. I don’t find the idea of just eating raw garlic cloves appealing, so garlic capsules here I come! I’m hoping to see the health medicinal benefits of garlic work wonders for me.

2. Garlic to Lower Cholesterol

High Cholesterol can be a cause of high blood pressure, and in my research I have found that people use garlic for lower cholesterol. How I understand it, is that garlic helps break down the cholesterol that builds up in your arteries, which allows for a freer blood flow. This would of course also lower your blood pressure. It is my hope that eventually, my blood pressure will be maintained at a level where I no longer need medication that comes from a pharmacy.

Preliminary results are promising, type in “garlic and high blood pressure” into a search engine, and you are likely to get over half a million results. Hopefully, I will soon be able to tell you all how well it works!

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Green Tea Cancer

Green Tea Cancer:

Drinking a fair amount of Green Tea each day will help prevent you from getting cancer, and it will also help fight the cancer if you already have it.

That is the conclusion I have come up with after researching and reading a good many studies found online. Some of the studies were epidemiological, (statistical) and others were cause and effect. Some of them involved humans, and others involved laboratory animals. All of them seemed to indicate that drinking green tea can prevent cancer, and it will fight cancer as well. You can see some of the same studies for yourself by typing the words “green tea and cancer” into your favorite search engine.

What struck me, was that it wasn’t just one type of cancer that drinking green tea seemed to prevent, it was many different types of cancer. I wasn’t surprised about the benefits of Green Tea preventing prostate cancer, Prostate Cancer , but I was surprised that certain studies even seemed to indicate that drinking green tea can prevent breast cancer, as well as stomach, mouth, and colon cancer. Once I took a look at some of the reasons scientists gave for drinking green tea to be so beneficial, it made perfect sense to me.

green tea cancer;Green Livinggreen tea cancer;Green Livinggreen tea cancer;Green Livinggreen tea cancer;Green Living

Green tea cancer and prevention go hand in hand. Green tea, which is from the same plant as black tea but with unoxidized leaves, is heavy in a substance called. EGCG. EGCG is an antioxidant that attacks cancer cells by binding with them, and inhibiting it’s growth. This antioxidant is able to do this while leaving the healthy cells alone. This same antioxidant prevents cancer causing oxidants by scavenging them.

Countries like China and Japan, whose population drink large amounts of green tea, have lower In these Asian countries, green tea is drank much in the same way that coffee is drank in the west. It is a sign of respect and friendship to be offered a cup of green tea. You can use green tea to make iced tea, but in order to get the best health benefits, it is best drank hot.

Does Green Tea Contain Caffeine?

Green tea contains about half the amount of caffeine as coffee, but it is still enough to make you jittery if you are sensitive to the effects of caffeine. If you are thinking about adding green tea to your diet, try to do it at a time when you are planning on staying awake, like early morning or midday. The studies I have seen show that any where from four cups to ten cups per day are beneficial.

I am not recommending that green tea should be drank instead of taking prescriptions. I am recommending it as a preventive measure, and drinking it with prescriptions if you have cancer certainly couldn’t hurt. Also, many people in the US. are uninsured and can’t afford medication, and drinking green tea is a less costly alternative. The results of green tea and cancer prevention are coming in, and the results look promising.

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Green Tea Prostate Cancer

Green Tea Prostate Cancer: – Drink Green Tea to Prevent Prostate Cancer.

Green Tea Prostate Cancer - Easy Green LivingGreen Tea Prostate Cancer - Easy Green LivingGreen Tea Prostate Cancer - Easy Green LivingGreen Tea Prostate Cancer - Easy Green LivingGreen Tea Prostate Cancer - Easy Green LivingGreen Tea Prostate Cancer - Easy Green Living

You may know about the many health benefits of drinking Green Tea, such as lowering blood pressure, and cholesterol, but did you know that drinking green tea may prevent prostate cancer?

Green tea differs from black tea in that the leaves of green tea have not been fermented. Green plants contain compounds called polyphenols. These polyphenols are especially high in liquids that come from green plants. Researchers at the Case Western Reserve School of Medicine reported that polyphenols kill cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone.(1)

Green tea also contains a high level of Antioxidants that inhibit cancer cell growth. Antioxidants are a substance that prevents the oxidation damage in the cells. Damage to the cells is what may lead to cancer.

But drinking green tea might also be an effective treatment against Cancer as well as a good way to prevent it. In 2004 a study from the mayo institute showed that that a compound in green tea effectively cut off communication between cancer cells, causing them to die.(2) Countries whose populations consume large amounts of green tea have lower rates of cancer than those who do not.(3)

Study after study has shown that drinking green tea can help prevent and fight various types of cancer. Black tea might have a bit more flavor than green tea but it doesn’t have as many health benefits, although it does have some. There are various ways to drink green tea, but studies have shown to get the full effect of the health benefits it is best drank hot. Four to 10 cups per day should be plenty, after ten cups there is no greater cumulative effect.

Green Tea does contain caffeine, and if you are sensitive to caffeine it may keep you awake (It can also help you to wake up in the morning). Drinking a lot of liquid can also send you to the restroom more frequently. These side effects are minimal compared to the possible health benefits And unlike most medications, drinking green tea will not make you drowsy, it may actually increase your alertness!

Another benefit is that Green Tea is not as fattening as other popular drinks like soda pop or lemonade. (That is, unless you add high amounts of sugar to your green tea drink). It tastes great, and it has been used as a social icebreaker for hundreds of years. In times past, instead of drinking a cup of coffee with the neighbor you might find yourself sipping from a warm cup of home brewed green tea. It is still the beverage of choice in some Asian countries such as China And Japan.

So in order to stave off cancer, or to help fight it, drink green tea. It tastes great and you might find yourself enjoying it more than you expected.

Green Tea Prostate Cancer References: 1 Journal of the National Cancer Institute (Dec. 17, 1997).

2-3 CBS News, The Early Show, (April 6 2004)

Great Informational Video on the Benefits of Green Tea

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Green Tea and Cholesterol

Green Tea and CholesterolGreen Tea and CholesterolGreen Tea and CholesterolGreen Tea and Cholesterol

Green Tea and Cholesterol: Drink More Green Tea = Lower Bad Cholesterol

Green Tea is a type of tea whose leaves have went through minimal oxidation through processing. Translation, green tea leaves are green while other tea leaves are black.

Cholesterol is a waxy alcohol substance that is essential to your cell membrane walls. Cholesterol levels are raised when we eat foods saturated in animal fats, such as fried foods and dairy products. There are two types of Cholesterol, LDL (the bad kind) and HDL (the good kind). If you don’t have enough of the good kind, the integrity of your cell membranes may be compromised. If you have too much of the bad kind it can block an artery, causing a heart attack, stroke, or death.

Green Tea and Cholesterol

The good news is that Green Tea consumption will lower your bad cholesterol while raising your good cholesterol. Green tea helps your body excrete bad cholesterol, and it prevents LDL cholesterol from oxidizing. (When cholesterol oxidizes, it gets sticky and can cling to artery walls.)

Research On Green Tea Lowering Cholesterol

Various studies back up the assertion that drinking green tea can lower your bad cholesterol. A study done in central Japan shows that people drinking 10 cups of green tea per day had significantly lower levels of cholesterol than those who didn’t.(1)

A study of two hundred and forty men and women in China with elevated LDL cholesterol levels showed a decrease of 11.3 percent after consuming green tea extract for twelve weeks.(2)

In another study, rats were given a diet that included large amounts of lard, and half the rats were given green tea with the lard. The cholesterol levels of all the rats rose, but the LDL levels of the rats that were also given green tea rose less than the amount for the rats that had none.(3)

Like an all pro professional football lineman, green tea blocks LDL cholesterol from being absorbed in the intestines. It has also been found to prevent cholesterol from oxidizing (which means “going bad”). Green tea tastes great and it’s much healthier to drink during dinnertime (or any time) than soda pop. Studies have shown that it may also prevent cancer, tooth decay, high blood pressure, and depression. WOW!

Side Effects Of Drinking Green Tea

There are a couple of side effects that I can think of. Green tea contains a fair amount of caffeine, and caffeine is a stimulant that can keep you awake at night. The good news is that it can help you wake up in the morning. Drinking large amounts of green tea can also cause you to need to go to the restroom more frequently, so don’t drink a bunch of it before going to the movies.

Look at it this way: Green tea is something you can buy at a grocery store. It’s not something a doctor prescribes to you, and then the pharmacy has to fight with the insurance company to get them to pay for it. You can buy green tea for a lot less money than what your co-pay on a drug with the same health benefits would be. And the side effects (sleeplessness, frequent trips to the bathroom) are much less hazardous than most of the medications shown on television commercials. So, Drink Up & Enjoy!

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References For Green Tea And Cholesterol:

1. Annals of Epidemiology 2002;12(3):157-65.2. Arch Intern Med 2003;163(12):1448-533. J Nutr Sci Vitaminol (Tokyo) 1986;32(6):613-22.

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Green Health

Green HealthGreen HealthGreen HealthGreen HealthGreen HealthGreen Health

Green Health – Definition: Natural Health – Any form of health care–eg, diet, exercise, herbs, Healthy Healing Oils or hydrotherapy, which allegedly enhances the body’s natural healing powers. Taken from the free

Health is affected by our environment. They really do go hand in hand. We breath the polluted air and chemicals that we use and in turn it has a negative effect on our health. It’s time to clean up our environment and our health. Green Living is all encompassing.

Herbal Remedies

“47 Simple Herbal Remedies!”

“Discover how to take control of your life and rid yourself of chemical concoctions that may or may not be harming your body.!!”

“All this and much more is at your fingertips. 47 Simple Herbal Remedies is written just for you, the person who is sick and tired of being over-medicated.”!! check it out here .

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Why Should We Seek Natural Remedies?

We have become a pill popping society. The pharmaceutical companies love the United States! Do you ever wonder what our ancestors used to do when they came across health problems? I believe it’s time we start seeking out natural remedies for our ailments, and start taking preventative measures as well. Instead of treating the symptoms lets treat the cause!


Green Health – All About Green Health……

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5. More Health Benefits Primrose Oil Primrose oil has been known to help with many ailments include eczema and diabetes.

6. Green Tea to Prevent Prostate Cancer Information on the health benefits of drinking green tea. Protect your prostate by having a few glasses a day!

7. Green Tea and Cancer Information on what type of cancers green tea helps fight or protects you from. Also, how much green tea we should be drinking to benefit our health.

8. Benefits of Lemon Juice Lemons are great for more than just cleaning and eating. They really do have some great health benefits.

9. Benefits of Fiber – Fiber has myriad health benefits from helping to maintain feelings of fullness to helping lower blood cholesterol. Fiber also makes a great colon cleanse for body detoxification; especially when combined with digestive herbs.

10. Healthy Lifestyles – swap books and e-books, CDs and videos relating to mindfulness meditation – 100% free!

Healthy Lifestyle

Everything you need to know about getting, being and staying healthy. Here are the tools you need to build a healthy lifestyle.

Do you have asthma, read more at Asthma Symptoms86 – This site is about treatments for asthma, learning about the disease and how to prevent symptoms from occurring. The Author is also an asthmatic.

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Fish Oil and Cholesterol

Fish Oil and Cholesterol – Can you use fish oil to lower your cholesterol and reduce your chance of a heart attack?

Fish Oil and CholesterolFish Oil and CholesterolFish Oil and CholesterolFish Oil and CholesterolFish Oil and Cholesterol Read about its natural blood thinning properties, and how it can increase your good cholesterol!

Fish Oil and Cholesterol:

Fish oil has natural blood thinning properties, and it increases your good cholesterol. The American Heart Association say that daily supplements of fish oil cut the risk of heart attack in half for previous heart attack survivors! But can you use fish oil to lower your cholesterol and reduce your chance of a heart attack? The answer seems to be no and yes. Studies have shown that fish oil can increase your cholesterol, and reduce your risk of heart attack!

It would stand to reason that by increasing your good cholesterol, you are lowering your bad cholesterol. However, a recent studies have shown that the ratio between bad and good cholesterol stayed the same after people were treated with fish oil. However, A major study was completed in Canada where women between the ages of 36 and 68 were given various amounts of fish oil supplements. The study found that 4 grams of eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid, along with 2 grams of gamma-linolenic acid per day was tantamount in helping the women achieve and maintain the desirable cholesterol level. These are the Three Fatty Acids that are found in fish oil.

Should I Take Fish Oil To Lower My Cholesterol ?

So why is there conflicting information? Should I take fish oil to lower cholesterol? Or is it a given that if I take fish oil cholesterol levels will rise?

The answers to these questions may depend on your triglyceride level. Triglycerides are a certain type of fat cell that exists in your blood plasma. High triglyceride levels occur when you take in more calories than you burn off.

A high reduction in triglyceride levels can mean a rise in cholesterol values, because cholesterol levels are calculated. They aren’t really going up, it just seems that way because of the way they are calculated. A lower triglyceride level means a more accurate reading, and often the “shown” rise in cholesterol is so small it is inconsequential.

Sadly, this false reading of higher cholesterol scares many away from fish oil, when the truth is that fish oil has many health benefits. Studies have shown that by taking fish oil you increase your overall heart health, as well as reduce your risk of stroke, heart attack and cancer.

Take Fish Oil In What Form ?

If you are planning on taking fish oil to lower cholesterol, I recommend that you take it in vitamin supplements. Due to the pollution of our oceans, rivers, and lakes, fish can contain high levels of mercury.

Mercury is a known neurotoxin that can cause developmental disorders in children. Most of the supplements you can buy have much lower levels of mercury in the fish, so you get the full benefit of the three fatty acids that lower your triglyceride levels without the danger of ingesting large amounts of mercury.

Supplementing your diet with fish oil will thin your blood, reducing your risk of blood clots, lower your triglyceride levels, and raise your good cholesterol Although studies may show a rise in cholesterol levels, taking fish oil to reduce cholesterol will work despite the shown rise in levels due to a lower triglyceride level.

If you have any tips of your own, or questions about fish oil and cholesterol please click the Contact Us link to drop us a line!

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Cholesterol Evening Primrose Oil

Cholesterol Evening Primrose Oil – Treat your High Cholesterol naturally with Evening Primrose Oil.

Having high cholesterol can be very dangerous and sometimes fatal. Cholesterol is essential for life, but it’s a waxy lipidic substance that can attach itself to the inner walls of your arteries. Over time, this substance can build up enough to cause blockage. When your heart can’t get enough oxygen and blood, a heart attack can occur.

Cholesterol Evening Primrose Oil;Green LivingCholesterol Evening Primrose Oil;Green LivingCholesterol Evening Primrose Oil;Green LivingCholesterol Evening Primrose Oil;Green LivingCholesterol Evening Primrose Oil;Green Living

How Can Primrose Oil Help?

The primrose is a flower native to the high altitudes of North and South America. It’s been used to treat eczema since the 1930’s but recently other possible health benefits have been suspected.

What makes the primrose so special is that it contains a high amount of GLA, which is an essential fatty acid. When something is called “essential”, it simply means that it is something that is not found naturally in the body and it must be ingested in order for the body to obtain it. This fatty acid will also lower your cholesterol.

There are very few studies of the effects of Evening Primrose Oil on high cholesterol, and they should be done. However, just because there aren’t many studies doesn’t mean that it’s ineffective.

Natural remedies have been used by humans for as long as there have been ailments, and having more essential fatty acids can reduce your triglyceride levels. Since evening Primrose Oil contains a high amount of essential fatty acids and essential fatty acids reduce bad cholesterol, logic would follow that Evening Primrose Oil can lower your cholesterol.

Besides lowering cholesterol, it is highly effective in treating skin disorders like eczema and acne. It has also been used to treat arthritis, pms, and breast pain. It is best taken orally. Evening primrose oil is not recommended for breast feeding mothers, and if you suspect you may be pregnant, do not use this product.

Like any medication or natural remedy. Pay attention to how your body responds to it. I took this for a couple of weeks and had heart burn, but have heard great success without the burn too!
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Benefits Of Lemon Juice

Benefits Of Lemon JuiceBenefits Of Lemon JuiceBenefits Of Lemon JuiceBenefits Of Lemon Juice

Health Benefits Of Lemon Juice – When Life Gives You Lemons, Put Them In the Refrigerator Because They Are Good For You.

There is a simple cure for hiccups that I have been using for years. Simply take a slice of lemon, and suck on it until the hiccups go away. This process has never failed to get rid of my hiccups, and after the last bout it got me wondering if there were any other health benefits associated with lemons and lemon juice. After all, if it can cure hiccups in an instant; surely it’s good for some other uses as well.

After doing a bit of internet research on lemons, I found that many people use it for cleaning jobs with excellent results. The juices in the lemon are a natural disinfectant, and the acid in lemon juice can take away even the nastiest stains.

But what about health benefits of lemon juice that comes with the consumption of lemons? They do contain a large amount of vitamin C, and having vitamin C in your system is a very effective flu and cold deterrent. Vitamin C can also lower bad cholesterol and prevent against heart disease. Before the twentieth century, sailors used lemons to ward off scurvy. This is how British sailors received the nickname ?limes?, because people thought they were eating ripe limes that had turned yellow instead of lemons.

On a hot summer day, there is nothing quite like a cold glass of lemonade. Lemonade tastes great, goes down smooth, and it dehydrates the body. When I am spending a day with the kids at the county fair, the lemonade stand if one of the first places I go, especially if it?s a hot day without much cover. I know for a fact it refreshes and rejuvenates the body.

Lemon is commonly used in wood cleaning products. You may know that using these products will leave a pleasant fragrance to your furniture, but did you know that smelling lemon can be a mood enhancer as well? That is what a study done at Ohio State University said.

Squeezing lemon juice on your fish might have more benefits than just the great taste. Lemons contain citric acid, which is often used as a cleaner. If the citric acid kills germs when it’s used as a cleaner, wouldn’t it stand to reason that putting lemon juice on your food would kill bacteria that is present in it?

So if life gives you lemons, you can make some lemonade but put a few back in the refrigerator, because lemons have many uses and benefits. And like all citrus fruits, they are good for you as well.

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