Advantages Disadvantages Hybrid Cars

Advantages disadvantages hybrid cars. Here are a few of the advantages vs. the disadvantages of hybrid cars.

Advantages of Hybrid Cars

Advantages Disadvantages Hybrid Cars

1. You won’t have to spend as much money on fuel. Hybrid cars have an electric motor as well as a gasoline engine. The gasoline engine is not engaged during low speeds, which saves money on your fuel costs.

2. Hybrid vehicles emit low emissions. Low emissions translate into less pollution.

3. You get a tax break when you purchase a hybrid car. The tax break differs from car to car, and the earlier you buy a hybrid, the higher your tax break is likely to be.

4. The technology will excite you. Every time I drive a hybrid car, I am fascinated with the technology behind them. Imagine sitting at a red light and you can’t hear your engine running. Basically, this is because your engine isn’t running.

5. You will get a good feeling driving a hybrid. Using less gasoline means less dependence on oil, which will help fuel prices stay low for everyone. Knowing that you aren’t putting as much pollution in the air is a good feeling as well.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

Advantages Disadvantages Hybrid Cars

1. Hybrids cost more money than their gasoline counterparts. This can be anywhere from 2,000 to 5,000 dollars. If you drive one long enough, you will make this money back up in fuel savings and your one time tax credit.

2. Maintenance on the electrical system must be done by a qualified professional. Most electrical systems on hybrid cars have a ten year to lifetime warranty, so it shouldn’t cost you any extra money. But if you like to work on cars yourself, unless you are a trained professional don’t try to tinker with it. The batteries hold a charge that you can’t turn off, and if you don’t know what you are doing you could electrocute yourself.

Advantages Disadvantages Hybrid Cars

Concerns About Hybrids

That’s pretty much it on the disadvantages, although I’ve read a couple of others on the net that are minimal disadvantages at best, and I would like to address them now.

1. Exposed wires can cause electrocution in an accident. Yes, this is possible, but when engineers design these cars, they take this into account. They are designed to have minimal wire exposure in the event of an accident.

2. Hybrid cars are underpowered. While they do tend to have a little less horsepower than their gasoline counterparts, but how much do you really need? I haven’t had any trouble making left hand turns on busy streets, and chances are you aren’t buying a hybrid to win a race or to haul your camper.

3. The technology is new and untested. About 5 years ago I would have agreed with this, but it is no longer the case. The Honda Insight debuted 9 years ago, and since that time many manufacturers have followed in it’s footsteps, improving the technology along the way.

I hope you found the information on advantages disadvantages hybrid cars useful in your hybrid decision.

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