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recycle metalEasy green living? Solar this, green that, what does it all mean? It is talked about on the radio, flashed across our television screens, and printed in our newspapers!

Our earth is changing and we are now starting to really pay attention to Her. We have stomped on, taken advantage of, and mistreated our planet. It is forex trading app about time we made some changes.

Why easy-green-living.org? This site aims to help inform people about what we can do to live a greener lifestyle to help combat global warming and save our planet for future generations!

Sound insurmountable or impossible? It just takes one light bulb….one recycling can…one fuel efficient car at a time. Green Living is about lifestyle & attitude change.

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If you really want to stop pollution and start changing the world, the number one thing to change straight away is to ring your electricity retailer utility and ask do they have a 100% green energy option? If they don’t ring around and switch to another utility that does have green energy. Note: this does cost about $0.50 cents per day more, so some of you may not be able to afford to change but this move alone will force energy utility’s to build more solar, wind and wave energy and turn off their dirty coal power stations. It also creates new clean, green jobs in these renewable industries.The second biggest change you can make is how you get about? Do you drive everywhere you go? Is your car too big for your daily needs? Can you catch public transport or ride a bike to work each day? If you really can’t give up your car then think about switching to a clean green car, that will use much less gasoline if any and probably save you money in the long run.


You’ve come to the right place, let’s begin………

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